Road to Pamel Finale Party


Nevaeh and I, clothed in fancy(ish) dresses, were waiting in the lobby of the Road to Pamel VIP finale party. We were surrounded by the filming crew of the HHAG News channel. Nevaeh was smashed between two cameramen, shifting her weight anxiously from foot to foot and trying to look small.

I pulled her aside. “Breathe,” I commanded. She did as she was told, and I inquired, “Do you remember the questions?” I’d given her a sheet with several questions printed on it. We were going to interview the actresses that starred in Road to Pamel, and those were the things she was supposed to ask them.

“Yes,” she replied uncertainly, chewing her lip nervously.


“MJ, we go live in one minute!” called one of the cameramen.

I grabbed Nevaeh’s hand and pulled her into the cameras’ line of vision. I pushed open the glass French doors, then turned to the cameras with a wide smile.

A cameraman started counting down on his fingers, mouthing the numbers at me: “Four, three, two, one.”

I waved cheerfully at the cameras with one hand, gesturing at the VIP party with the other. “I’m MJ Valdez, reporting live for HHAG News. My assistant, Nevaeh Taylor, and I are at the Road to Pamel VIP finale party!


“We’re going to talk to each of the stars of the hit series. Let’s see what they have to say.”

Nevaeh and I waded into the crowd of actresses, searching for the star, Emily Bennett. When I found her, I tapped her on the shoulder. “Excuse me, Miss Bennett, would you answer some questions for us?”

Emily smiled, her blue eyes sparkling. “Of course!” she exclaimed, turning away from her celebrity friends and following us a short distance away.


“How did you react when you found out that you were going to play Devin East?” I asked. “Your fans are dying to know!”

Emily blushed a bit before responding. “I actually ran around the house screaming,” she admitted sheepishly.

“Tell me, what episode did you enjoy filming the most?”

She pursed her lips, thinking, replaying the behind-the-scenes parts of filming in her head. “Definitely episode four,” she said. “I loved all the action!”


I thanked her, and then Nevaeh and I made our way to the co-star, Savannah Kingsley. We each shook her hand before getting down to business.

“Savannah, why did you enjoy playing Peter Gates?”

She grinned. “I loved how mysterious Peter was. And the fact that she’s a Gatekeeper and can open portals is pretty awesome, as well,” she told us.


Once we’d finished talking to Savannah, Nevaeh and I set out to find Caroline Abbott, who played Ms. East, Devin’s mom.

“Caroline is very forgiving,” I explained to Nevaeh, “so I’m going to let you interview her. She won’t mind if you make a few mistakes.”

We strode up to Caroline. “H-hello. I’m Nevaeh T-taylor,” Nevaeh stammered, blushing furiously because she’d messed up. “We’d like to interview you. Um, can you tell us about your dress, Miss Abbott?”


She curtsied, showing off her purple dress. “I was hoping someone would notice,” she confessed, smiling. “It’s an original design by Olivia Wear.” (Review on this dress coming soon!)

“It’s very pretty,” Nevaeh complimented. “And, uh, was it hard to get into character as Ms. East?”

“Not really,” Caroline confessed. “I’m always the mother figure at home, so pretending to be Ms. East was actually really easy.”


“The reason you have to play all the mommy roles is because you never ask for any other parts!” piped up a girl dressed in an orange tunic, an actress named Tracy.

 I hurried over to her. “Tracy, you played Max, a member of the Evil Ha Ha. What did you think of your role?”

She stuck her tongue out. “I didn’t really care about it that much. It was just a minor role, you know? I only had, like, two lines. So, I don’t care that much about acting, but it would be nice to have a major role once in a while.”


I had Nevaeh round up three of the Evil Ha Ha members, Ivy Ling, Molly McIntire, and Isabelle Palmer.

“Seriously, I won the Best Female Actress award in the 2015 Bloggy Awards, and the directors gave me a tiny role. I should’ve played Devin!” Ivy Ling announced hotly.

“I liked being Otis,” Molly said. “But my fake beard tickled my chin!”

“It was really fun,” Isabelle told us. “I liked playing Diesel. He had a really cool name.”


“And now, for the last interview of the night: here’s Saige Copeland!” I smiled into the nearest HHAG News camera. I waved Saige over.

“Don’t you just love my dress?” the actress asked, striking a pose.

I had to choose my words carefully. “Uh, yes, of course. It’s really unique, you know. Not like the dresses the other actresses are wearing at all.”

Nevaeh and I conducted the interview, and Saige Copeland proclaimed that if they would just let her star in a series, she would blow everyone else away.


We gathered all the talented actresses from Road to Pamel around for a group shot.

“Don’t forget to pick up a free Road to Pamel poster!” I called into the camera. “Also, you can see the whole series HERE . . .

“This is MJ Valdez, reporting live for HHAG News — out!”



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24 thoughts on “Road to Pamel Finale Party

  1. Awesome! I love this photo-story because you included a lot of your dolls in it, and it’s so cool to see all of their different personalities! Especially Saige……. :lol: My dolls wish that they had been at the Finale Party, too! Love the group photo the end. And is that…..a disco ball?!?

    ~Ms. AGdoll~ :)


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