Review: Olivia Wear’s Purple Pattern Dress


Hello, my friends! Today I have a review of another beautiful dress from OliviaWear.

Olivia Wear dress

It’s the Beautiful Handmade Purple Pattern Dress, and is currently on sale for $7.99. The usual price is $9.99.

Let’s get into the review!

Olivia Wear dress

The dress is made out of a stretchy, lightweight fabric.

Olivia Wear dress - top

The whole thing is covered in transparent sequins that catch the light.

Olivia Wear dress - bow

There’s a large, satiny black bow in the middle. Unlike some American Girl dresses I can think of, the ribbon on this OliviaWear dress goes all the way around the dress.

Olivia Wear dress - back

It velcros in the back.

Olivia Wear dress - sleeve

The dress is sleeveless.

Olivia Wear dress - skirt

The skirt ends just above the knee.

Olivia Wear dress

The fabric is purple, back, and white. Because the colors are not in the same place on every dress, each one will not look exactly the same.

Olivia Wear dress

Here are some extra pictures of Caroline in her OliviaWear dress!

Olivia Wear dress

Olivia Wear dress

Olivia Wear dress

Olivia Wear dress

Olivia Wear dress

I absolutely love this dress — it gets five stars. It’s great quality, gorgeous, and easy to put on.

You can buy it here:

If you’re not a fan of this dress, OliviaWear has tons of other beautiful dresses. You’re bound to find on that you like! Shop here:

 I was sent this dress by the owner of OliviaWear in exchange for a review.

Shoes are part of my own collection.



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