Name That Doll: Truly Me #56

American Girl doll Truly Me #56

It’s time for Name That Doll again! By request, you will be naming Truly Me #56.

Comment as many names for this beautiful doll as you would like, and on December 17th, I’ll post six of my favorites. Then you’ll be able to vote for the ultimate favorite!

Get commenting!



40 thoughts on “Name That Doll: Truly Me #56

  1. When I saw this doll, I immediately thought “it’s Poppy!”, but that is agoverseasfan (on Instagram)’s name for her, so I won’t use that one. :) My name for her would be…………………Daisy. :)

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


  2. Um… Jessica, Mari ( pronounced as Marie), Katliyn, Emarald-Lynn, Rylee, Zana, Fawn, Quinn, Crisantiem, Pearl, and last but not least Mari – Anne ( pronounced as Mary)


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