Secret Santa 2015

Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to making a Christmas post! Yay, me! :D

See the Secret Santa post from 2014 HERE.


My sisters and I trooped across the street to Nevaeh’s room, where MJ and Savannah were helping her put up flowery decorations.

It made me slightly jealous to see them like that. I’d always thought that MJ Valdez was awesome — she was a celebrity, for goodness sake. But since Nevaeh Taylor had arrived, we’d been hanging out less and less. She’s been spending most of her time with Nevaeh . . .

I coughed to get their attention. “It’s time for Secret Santa!” I exclaimed.


They dropped the decorations and joined us in a circle.

“Since some people don’t know how to play,” I started with a meaningful glance at the Historical Characters, “I will explain the rules of Secret Santa before we get started. There are ten strips of paper in this box, each one with one of our names written on it.” I rattled the purple box. “The box will be passed around the circle, and each girl will draw a name. She cannot tell anyone whose name she drew.

I handed the box to Savannah.


She plunged her hand into the box, MJ and Nevaeh both reaching for it at the same time. They scrambled for a slip of paper. Finally, giggling, they each had a paper in their hand.

I glared at Nevaeh. I was fine with whatever name I happened to draw . . . as long I didn’t get Nevaeh’s name.


Savannah, Nevaeh, and MJ unfolded the pieces of paper, showing each other the names despite what I’d told them.

Savannah had Emily, Nevaeh had gotten Caroline, and MJ had drawn Saige — my name.

They balled up the papers, smiling at us cheekily. Then they passed the box to the next girl.


Molly held the box while Emily picked a slip. Then Emily took the box so that her best friend could draw a name.

While Molly slowly stirred up the papers, they whispered about whose name they hoped to get.


They opened the papers: Emily got Ivy, and Molly had drawn her own name.

“I got ‘Molly!'” she laughed. “Saige, what should I do?”

“Just put it back in,” I advised. “Then draw another name.”

She did what she was told, ending up with Savannah’s name.


The box of names passed quickly around the circle.

Caroline got Tracy.


Ivy drew Isabelle’s name.


Tracy was going to be MJ’s Secret Santa. She did a weird little happy dance when she saw which name she got, because MJ was her best friend.


Isabelle ended up with the name “Molly.”


I, of course, didn’t know which names had already been drawn.

Then the box was back in my hands. I stared down at the one fateful slip of paper remaining. I was hoping desperately that Nevaeh’s name wasn’t written on it.

My hand shaking ever so slightly, I reached for the last piece of paper.



Have you ever done Secret Santa?

~ Saige


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