Merry Christmas!

The day has finally come . . . Christmas, when we celebrate Jesus’s birth, as well as open presents!

I’m going to hold off on doing a Christmas haul until tomorrow (or the day after that), because the festivities aren’t over for me — I go to my uncle’s house tomorrow to see my cousins and get a few more gifts. :)

I, unfortunately, did not get Maryellen. My parents thought I would have more fun “picking out my own doll” . . . while using my own money.

Speaking of which, I’m going to be at the American Girl Place in D.C. on January 1st for Lea Clark’s debut (more info on this later)! Are any of you going?

What did you get for Christmas?

Merry Christmas!



54 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Aw…sorry you didn’t get Maryellen. Did it snow where you are? Not for us. 😬😒 Also, I am going to the debut in D.C the SAME day as you! Have fun with your gifts. I am also going over to a clubhouse for our party. We can never have parties at anyone’s house because our families are way to big!!!


    I’m really happy you’ll be getting Lea soon, I’ve been hoping you would so you’ll do amazing photoshoots with her! ;)
    I got a Lori doll (the new mini dolls from OG) and she’s so cute! :)


  3. Merry Christmas! I got a Lori doll (Analise), a Lori outfit, Target gift card, + a bunch of other stuff. :)

    And too bad you didn’t get Maryellen, but YAY for getting Lea in January! I always <3 when you get another doll, especially the photoshoots & photo stories!

    :star: ~Ms. AGdoll~ :star:


  4. That’s too bad you didn’t get Maryellen. For Christmas I got a heart for heart doll, Maryellen’s pjs (and ones for me!) doll table, and some other stuff. Merry Christmas!πŸ˜„ love your blog😍😍😍


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