2015 Christmas Haul


I’m going to be showing you the doll-related things I got for Christmas. I will be posting another haul with my human-y wuman-y stuff on my other blog, Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes.

*I’m not trying to brag by showing you my presents. I simply thought you might like to see what I was given.*

Our Generation Spin Away on Ice outfit

A deluxe Our Generation outfit, “Spin Away on Ice.” Since I’m not especially in love with this outfit, I’m going to return it. Then I shall spend the money I get back from it when I’m at the American Girl store for Lea Clark’s debut.

Our Generation Under the Microscope set

Another Our Generation set, “Under the Microscope.” I think this one is really cool! Molly is going to love it. ;)

American Girl Grace Stirs Up Success movie

I got “Grace Stirs Up Success” on DVD in my stocking.

Our Generation Fringe Fashion boots

From my Nana and Pop-Pop, I got these adorable Our Generation boots!


Try to ignore the “blueeyesgrayeyes” watermark on this photo and the next.

This is for my mini dolls. It’s a collection of tiny plates and goblets.


Mighty fine feasting!

(How am I supposed to end this post? idk. {Just say good bye! })




13 thoughts on “2015 Christmas Haul

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  2. That science set something SO cute!! My mom would especially love it because she is a science teacher. Those boots are really cute! I also went on Blue Eyes Gray Eyes and I love that beanie you/your brother got. You got a lot of nice gifts! At my family Christmas parties, we open presents and keep a couple we like and donate the rest to an orphanage or another needy place. The younger kids are mostly like, “Why are you taking my presents away?!” Lol. I hope you have an awesome time with all of your stuff! Also, when I go to the American Girl Doll Place, I will tell you what doll I have with me, what shirt I have, etc.

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  3. Hey Loren! I am going to Lea Clark’s debut, too! I won’t see you, because I’m going to the Chicago store, but I’m so excited!! So is my big brother 😝😝jk. Anyways, I really like the our generation stuff! The science set is adorable😊


  4. Wow, cool stuff! :mrgreen: The microscope set looks as nice as the one AG makes, in my opinion. :) It’ll look amazing in photo stories! The cowgirl boots are cute too. And too bad you are returning the outfit, but buying Lea Clark seems like a much better way to spend that money! XD XD

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


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