Flashback — December 2014

It’s that time again! We’re nearing the end of the month. Which means that I get to do another Flashback post! (You can see my first Flashback post HERE.)


Victorian Beauties ~ Part 5 ~ the Grand Finale. The weird and awkward ending to my second photostory series, Victorian Beauties.


Secret Santa. My dolls did Secret Santa for the first time! (The Historical Characters are still clueless.)


The Doll Mag’s Advent Calendar. I shared some pictures of an advent calendar I made from a printable on Doll Mag.


Trimming the Tree. The dolls decorated last year’s Christmas tree. Saige and Tracy also have a rather confusing discussion about when, not where. 


Sunset Saige. A photoshoot taken at sunset, starring — you guess it — Saige Copeland. (She was featured on my blog quite a lot during December :P )


Days Till Christmas ~ 16. Last Christmas, I posted photos of Saige (almost) everyday doing whatever the Doll Mag advent calendar told her to do.


Christmas Giveaway! I hosted my very first giveaway . . . Devin was the winner. :)


Another GOTY Idea. I talked about my second idea for the GOTY 2015, an animal-loving girl named Kaylyn Evans. In the picture, she’s wearing her birthday outfit.

Hi. Happy House of AG

Shout-Out Your Doll Site! I did my first shout-out. I only got twelve sites to participate. xD


After the Kiss ~ an AGPS (My Weird Parents Made Up the Title).


It’s Almost FINISHED!! I shared the exciting news that my dad was building me an amazing two-story dollhouse.


The Winner of my Giveaway! The title is, perhaps, a bit self-explanatory.


Emily <3. The quest to find the perfect profile picture.


American Girl Place Photos. A short documentation of my second (I think) trip to the American Girl Place in D.C.


Merry Christmas! My dolls celebrated Christmas with some weird Secret Santa gifts. (How much longer until next Christmas?!)


Welcome Home! I made a photostory about Savannah arriving at Happy House of AG. :)


Randomly Awesome News and a Photoshoot. A PS of a brand new Savannah, along with an announcement about Star, Fire, and Ashes . . . a photostory series that still hasn’t happened due to a lack of trips to the beach.


What I Got for Christmas. Christmas haul! Just about everything I got was for my American Girl dolls. XD


New Feature! A rather blurry photoshoot of Savannah in the skateboarding outfit I got for Christmas. I also talked about What’s Up Wednesday — a weekly feature that was discontinued. (I’ve recently been contemplating the pros and cons of bringing it back . . . Thoughts?)

what's up wednesday post

What’s Up Wednesday. I picked a name for my new feature and created a page about it.


Savannah’s Profile.


New Years Eve. An incredibly fun post to write and photograph.


I really look forward to doing these Flashback posts, because I get to look through my blog’s archives and read my old posts — even the not so good ones.



17 thoughts on “Flashback — December 2014

  1. This was a fun month for your readers! :D I especially loved the finale to Victorian Beauties. Caroline in that dress………. :o :o <3 <3 And the photography! <3

    That dollhouse is AMAZING.

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


  2. Loren, hi. I’m sorry if I’m kind of nagging you about your posts, I was just excited to see your dolls’ secret Santa. Are you going to post that soon?😄


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