I’m Going to Lea Clark’s Debut!

Yep — I’m going to be at the American Girl Place D.C. tomorrow for Lea Clark’s debut. My dad is taking me, and we’re going to arrive at the store around 10:30.

I’m going to be wearing a black T-shirt with my blog’s header on the back. Just so you know, I have brown hair that goes about an inch past my shoulders, side bangs, and gray-blue eyes.

Are any of you going to the D.C. store tomorrow (January 1st)? If you’re going to be there, please tell me in the comments — I’d love to meet you! Don’t be afraid to say hello to me if you see me there.

And, yes, I am going to get Lea Clark.

I’m extremely excited . . . not only will I be getting the new Girl of the Year, but I have a chance to meet some of my fabulous readers!



41 thoughts on “I’m Going to Lea Clark’s Debut!

  1. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I won’t be able to come. Well, I mean, my brother and uncle are going to be seeing the new Star Wars movie tomorrow, so I may just convince my mom to take me….. *suspicious grin*


  2. Oh Loren you lucky girl! I want to go sooo badly but the nearest AG store is 3 hours away. If only they had a store in Nebraska… :(
    I love Lea, and I want to get her also…;)

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  3. Darn, if only this was two years ago, I used to live pretty close to that store!! I wish I could meet you!! But if you’re ever going to the AG store in Boston you should let me know :).


  4. That sounds super exciting! I’ve seen a few pictures of Lea myself, and she is so cute! I’m planning to go up to the Denver AG store with a friend in the next couple days, and I’m hoping to get her as well. :)



  5. Oh, if you rename her, I have LOTS of ideas! X-D Emma-Rose , Brooke , Jenna , Karen, Mckenna , Mckenzie , Clara , Jennifer … Yeah, so not all of them are great. Oh whatever!


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