2015 Recap


I’m going to recap what happened on Happy House of AG during 2015, going over the important stuff. (You can see my 2014 recap here.)

Let’s get started!

In January, my friend Kelly and I talked about the new GOTY, Grace Thomas (Grace is Here!!),


I posted a synopsis of my newly announced photostory series, Road to Pamel (Road to Pamel Synopsis),


welcomed Molly’s puppy, Boo, into the family (temporarily, that is. {Molly’s Surprise}),


and celebrated Savannah’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Savannah!).


In February, the dolls celebrated Savannah’s, Tracy’s, and Ivy’s birthday with an epic party (The Cool Birthday Party),


celebrity MJ Valdez came to visit (What Happens When Someone Knocks on Our Front Door),


and I started Mary-Jane’s Journal (Mary-Jane’s Journey — Entry 1).


In March, MJ left Happy House of AG to continue her world tour (I Promise),


Ever After High Briar Beauty joined the doll family (Beauty in Pink),


Saige celebrated her birthday (Titles are Still Hiding From Me),

I celebrated Happy House of AG’s one-year blogiversary (Guess What?),


and posted the finale of The BFF Wars (The BFF Wars — Part 13).


In April, I celebrated Easter with a photoshoot of the stunning Caroline (Beautiful Blonde ~ an AGPS),


Emily changed her personality (Emily Natalia ~ {Firework}),

and I helped my friend Kelsie start a blog, Doll Dance Academy (Doll Dance Academy).

Displaying Doll Mag Blogger Award.png

In May, I won the Doll Mag Blogger Award for “Best Posts from a Doll’s Perspective” (Doll Mag Blogger Award + What’s Up Wednesday ~ May 6),


and Molly and Isabelle celebrated their birthdays, a tad late (Family Game Night ~ Part 2).


In June, the dolls traveled to Camp Doll Diaries (Off to Camp Doll Diaries!),


I discontinued What’s Up Wednesday, but replaced it with a weekly series called Life at Camp (Who Likes Updates?),


and started a mini photostory series, The TSO (The TSO — Part One).


In July, we celebrated the Fourth of July with a parade (Life at Camp ~ Fourth of July Parade),


Avery Ella (renamed EAH Ashlynn Ella) became Briar’s roommate (Stranger in the House),


and I started a personal blog, Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes (New Personal Blog).

DSC_0419 - Copy

In August, I did a 121 Followers Q&A (Answers to My Q&A!),


posted episode one of Road to Pamel (Road to Pamel ~season one, episode one~),

AG Fan Meet-up 2015 poster

hosted the AG Fan Meet-up 2015 (AG Fan Meet-up 2015),


and bought Mini Josefina, who I renamed Aciana (Aciana? Or Cornflower?).


In September, I brought back Outfit of the Week (The Semi-Dramatic Return of OOTW).


In October, Emily celebrated her birthday (Something Important Happened on the 29th . . .),

Happy House of AG's back-to-school giveaway

I did a back-to-school giveaway (Back-to-School Giveaway!),

American Girl Truly Me #63

started doing Name That Doll (Name That Doll: Truly Me #63 {The winning name was Hayley}),


the girls’ dogs were kidnapped — er, dognapped (Dognapped ~ a Photostory),

Americna Girl doll Truly Me #24

I bought Truly Me #24, Nevaeh Allison Taylor (Music in the Ferns — a Photostory),


and Caroline celebrated her birthday with a flower-filled photoshoot (Cerise Chrysanthemums ~ an AGPS).

NaNoWriMo 2015 Participant

In November, I announced that I was going to participate in NaNoWriMo (2015 NaNoWriMo),

Ever After High C. A. Cupid review

I bought Ever After High C. A. Cupid (Review of Ever After High Doll C. A. Cupid),


we celebrated Thanksgiving (A Thanksgiving Tradition),

I Won't Give Up ~ an AGPS. Happy House of AG

and I introduced Flashback posts (Flashback — November 2014).

Road to Pamel. Happy House of AG.

In December, I posted the finale of Road to Pamel (Road to Pamel ~season one, seven~ {Finale}),

Molly and Emily's Welcome Party. Happy House of AG

shared some old photos of Molly and Emily’s Welcome Party (Molly and Emily’s Welcome Party),


and celebrated Nevaeh’s birthday (A Change of Scenery ~ a Photostory).

If you read all of that, then . . . wow. I admire your diligence!

I’m so glad that I only have to do recaps once a year. Writing this was exhausting! It was like a Flashback post, but I had to look at every single post that I wrote in 2015. And then I had to decided which posts to include. :P


27 thoughts on “2015 Recap

  1. I agree- your blog is awesome!!! I think I’ve read every single post on here (no joke) and each and every one is unique and funny, just like your dolls. I really enjoy your flashback/recap posts!


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