TSO, Mini Doll Style — Part One

One of my readers, Bedtime Bear, sent me a series of guest posts — an exciting story about her mini dolls and their journey to become spies! Enjoy the first part of this fun story :)



Hello! My name is Rebecca and I’m a spy!

(Okay, I’m more of a cook/housekeeper/keeping control of peace/spy but you get the picture)

You see, there is this show I really L.L.S.C.D.W. (That stands for Like, Love, Sometimes Can’t do Without in case you’re wondering) And on that show are these dolls that go on really cool adventures and stuff like that. My favorite people on there are Rebecca Rubin the First and her sidekick KELSIE! (Which might because she looks almost like me. C’mon, we could be twins!)

*glares at all those people who laugh at me and call me a “fangirl” and “OBSESSED” with them, even though I don’t even know what a fangirl is.*

But I’m digressing. The point is that some of the dolls on there are SPIES. Which has been my secret dream ever since I was a wee doll. After seeing Part One and Two and Three of the TSO (Which should get and Part Four, and Part Five, and Part Six and should include the great REBECCA RUBIN THE FIRST and HER SIDEKICK! Just saying, but now I am digressing again), I decided that I would follow in their footsteps. I would become an member of the Tween Spy Organization!

The only problem? I had no idea how to join! On the show they snuck around and spied on their siblings, but I can’t do that. For one, I don’t have any siblings, and two, if I tried sneaking around my tiny house either my bird or one of the “Munchkins” would spot me and give away my plan to everyone. Then they will want to become spies and then there won’t be any fun in spying because they know I am one. So I was stuck. Disappointed, I decided to give up on the idea.

So I began to mope. (Which, by the way, is very hard, how do people do it in books anyway? It’s very boring, especially when nobody notices that you are moping.) After a couple of weeks of moping around someone finally noticed.


“Rebecca, what’s the matter? Your pies haven’t been up to par lately and you even forgot to argue with Felicity about your moose head yesterday.”

I should have figured that Kirsten would have been the first to notice. She had a keen eye from watching little David constantly, not to mention helping with housekeeping and caring for Isabella, Corrie, and Anne. Then again, dropping a not-so-subtle hint was a good idea too. After all, it’s more fun when someone knows that you have a secret and then they try to figure it out.


“Nothing,” I muttered, turning over the page I was doodling on. JoJo, my parrot, who was another thing that Felicity despised, landed nearby me and cocked his head. I shot him a glare. If he told Kirsten the reason I am upset, I wouldn’t give him any treats for a month, and I would ignore him.


But of course he ignored me and my sensitive feelings and squawked, “Cookie gonna be a spy, yessire!”


“JoJo!” I cried, feeling furious. “You naughty thing!”


“Really?!” Kirsten cried, her eyes lighting up with excitement. “I thought that you would give into your curiosity and read it!”


I glared at her. I’d forgotten that I’d loudly proclaimed that I’d never read the TSO because Rebecca Rubin the First wasn’t in it to Kirsten a couple of weeks ago.

“So who’s your favorite character in there? Besides wanting that mini doll on the show more often of course.”


I glared at Kirsten with even more venom than before. How dare she call Rebecca the First THAT MINI DOLL. “Saige,” I answered as naughty JoJo landed on my shoulder.

“I like them all but I think Savannah is my favorite,” Kirsten said cheerfully.


My eyes narrowed into slits. How dare she say that maniac was her favorite! Especially after the first episode with the most awesome doll in it!

“Well, I guess everyone is entitled to her own opinion,” I said, turning back to my work. (I was trying to draw up a petition to send to the show’s hosts to get them to put Rebecca on the show.)


“So can I join you?”

I dropped my work and stared at Kirsten in disbelief. “In what?”

“You know. In your spy training thing. You might need some help and it would be fun.”

A smile slowly spread over my face. “Of course you can!”

“Great!” Kristen said, a ridiculously lopsided smile spreading over her face. “Let’s get to it!”

To be continued . . .



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