TSO, Mini Doll Style — Part Two

This is part two of the photostory series “TSO, Mini Doll Style” by BedtimeBear!

See part one HERE.



First we prepared the way any spy prepared. We got the right outfits! Mine was a headband wrapped around my waist. Kirsten stole my idea and then put her apron on.


Then we put on any weapons we could find. Mine was a pie and JoJo. (Who knows when we’ll get hungry! And JoJo, because unlike my parakeet, he insisted on coming.)


Kirsten found a sword and stuck it in her apron. She looked like a real TSO agent. I looked like an Indian who was friends with a pirate and a cook. Once that was done we did roll call.



She raised her hand. “Here, commander executive chief ma’am!”

“That’s sir to you, Kirsten!” I barked. (That’s another way to say that I yelled, I didn’t actually “bark” in cause you were thinking of laughing.)

“You know, you really should be using my last name.” Kirsten pointed out, ignoring my barked command. (Again refrain from laughing out loud.)

I sighed. “Look, do you really want me to use your last name?”

Kirsten shook her head ‘no.’

“Than just pretend I said your last name instead of your first.”

Kirsten nodded ‘yes.’



“Let’s rock n’ roll!” the animal squawked, his eyes glinting mischievously at me. I ignored him as I checked his name off the list.


“Rebecca the Awesome?” I glanced back down at the list. “Here.” I checked my name off, ignoring the strange look I got from Kirsten at what I had called myself. Now there was only one thing left to do before going on the mission. “Drop and give me Twenty!” I yelled. (No barking this time.)


Kirsten obediently got down and began to give me twenty. Or at least she tried to give me twenty. It looked more like a girl trying to keep herself from being poked by her own sword and still do twenty push-ups as fast as she could.


Finally she just put the sword on her back, then began to do real ups. I thought that with the sword not hindering her, Kristen would speed up the process, but no! She took forever! It was like this: “One . . . . . . . . . . . . . Two . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Three.”  Each time she took longer and longer!

Finally when she got to five I hastily said, “That’s enough, Private!”


She collapsed to the ground, breathing like a train engine. Once that was over we sat down and I open the folder that said in big letters on its cover, “TSO AGENTS AND TRAINEES ONLY! IF YOU ARE NOT AN AGENT PUT THIS FOLDER DOWN IMMEDIATELY OR IT WILL EXPLODE!”

I am famous for bold warnings. One time I caught a cat-burglar with only a jaguar painting and a moose-head! Sliding open the folder, I flipped the pages to the section that read in big letters, “MISSIONS,” and with Kirsten leaning over my shoulder read aloud mission one.


“Mission One Possibilities for Trainees:”

“One: Capture a stuffed animal. Level: Hard.

“Two: Spy on your siblings. Level: Easy if you tell them what are you doing, kinda easy if you don’t.

“Three: Play a trick on a book. Level: Depends on the book. A classic is very hard. An I-can-Read book is  super easy. Children’s books are kind of easy. Books that should be classics are hard.”


“Well, Private? Which one?” I asked her with my eyebrows raised. All of them sounded challenging, all but one were located upstairs, and I had an idea of which one Kristen would chose.

She looked at them, hesitated, then allowed her finger to rest on Number One. “Number One, commander.”

“Alright, then,” I said, slamming the book shut. “Let’s do this!”

To be continued . . .


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