TSO, Mini Doll Style — Part Three

Here is part three of “TSO, Mini Doll Style,” a guest photostory series by BedtimeBear.

Part one, and part two.



Going up the stairs was hard. Yes, we had gathered for the first TSO meeting on the first step of the stairs, but climbing it while carrying a pie and keeping track of JoJo and Kirsten at the same time was hard! JoJo and Kirsten had it easy. Kirsten could use her sword to help propel her up the stairs, and JoJo could fly, but I had to climb the stairs carrying a pie! Thankfully, Kirsten noticed my distress and helped me by taking my hand and hauling me behind her while she was propelled forward by her sword. Let’s just say, I’m not sure which one was worse.


“So when we get to the top of the stairs,” Kirsten said as she huffed and heaved me after her while making a three-step jump.

“YEAH?” (To reassure you, I did not scream. It just . . . sounded like it.)

“Um, Chief? Are you okay?” Kirsten asked in a very concerned voice.


“Let me get to the top and I will be okay,” I gasped, sweat pouring down my face. (What? Did you think milk was pouring down my face? Okay I need to stop interrupting myself. TSO agents never do that!)

“Um, okay.”


So we climbed and climbed. And just as I thought we were at the end of our rope, we saw the top in sight! Also a very naughty bird named JoJo sat there looking very smug at us. He had gotten there hours ahead of us because he flew. I made a mental note to cut his treats out of his diet if I ever survived this mess.

Kirsten made it to the top first, then pulled me up after her. We settled back to enjoy the view. My heart was overjoyed, it was so full of . . .”STOP!” I suddenly yelled. Both Kirsten and JoJo startled and spun to face me.


“Rebec — I mean, Chief, what’s wrong?” Kirsten asked, hand on her sword.

“We’re doing it wrong, for crying out loud!” I stamped my foot. “We’re on a mission and we can’t be sidetracked!”

“Righto!” Kirsten hauled herself to her feet and trotted after me with JoJo trailing behind. “Um, Chief?”

I sighed. “Yes, Private?”

“What is our plan?”

I stopped, confusion written on my face. “The plan?”

“Don’t tell me you forgot the plan!”

“Nope, I didn’t.”

“Good, so what’s the plan?”

I tried balancing on one foot and nearly fell over. “I have no idea,” I admitted with a big smile.


“Chief!” Kirsten wailed. “How will we become TSO agents if you don’t have a plan?”

My smile grew even bigger. “’Cause I know the stuffed animal we’re going to capture.”

“Rebecca, don’t you dare capture Bedtime Bear! Momma would never forgive us if we did that.”

I smirked a little. “Do you think that I’d dare do that? Anyway, he’s nice. I was thinking of someone else.”

“Like who?”

“Lady Shaloe.”

Kirsten’s mouth dropped open.

To be continued . . .


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