Flashback — January 2015

It’s time for another Flashback post! This time, I’ll be showing you the posts I published in January 2015.

Grace is Here!! My friend Kelly and I talked about American Girl’s new GOTY, Grace Thomas.


2014 Recap. Wow . . . it’s a recap! The 2014 one was much shorter than my 2015 one. :)


I Forgot!!

Hayley's pic

What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 7th. My first What’s Up Wednesday! Thanks, Hayley, for sending in a picture.


Bonding Over Evil, Man-Eating Plants. Molly and Savannah made a terrarium for some Venus Fly Traps.


Molly the Explorer. Molly . . . er . . . explored the backyard. :)


Bonding with a Cave of Despair Escapee. Saige and Savannah have an art day.


Road to Pamel Synopsis.


Gifts for Issy. I posted about some doll-sized presents I made for my friend!


What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 14.


I Finally Come Out of the Cave of Despair. Isabelle is grumpy. There’s lots of snow. It’s a good time.


Dollhouse Tour ~ Part 1. I never actually got around to posting Part 2 . . . ☺ Ah, well. The dollhouse has changed somewhat, so I guess I should probably just tour the entire house again.


Molly’s Surprise. A sort of sappy photostory in which an adorable puppy named Boo comes to stay with the doll family.


Happy Birthday, Savannah! The dolls celebrate Savannah’s birthday (obviously). I kind of forgot her birthday this year (it was January 19th) . . . oops?


What is She Doing?! has Returned! #4. I presented an absolutely insane WISD.


A Picnic in January. Saige, Isabelle, and Molly decided that it would be fun to have a picnic in the cold winter months. Don’t they have the best ideas?

Anna's pic 3

What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 21.


Make an American Girl Doll First Aid Kit. One of my few crafts was a doll-sized first aid kit. Because your doll definitely needs Neosporin and alcohol wipes.


Bonding with Sisters — I Become a Gymnast. Basically, an amusing post in which Savannah fails at a lot of things: gymnastics, ninja skills — she even manages to fail at walking! (I’m looking at you, giant white pole.)


Grace-Inspired Crafts. I linked to several Grace Thomas-related crafts posted by other bloggers.


Windy Sunshine ~ an AGPS. Caroline is really pretty. If you don’t believe me, visit the post . . . there’s lots of wind and sunshine and flyaways.


?. << That’s the title. I’m not kidding. I’m amazing at coming up with intriguing and informative titles. It includes lots of pictures that didn’t fit into any other posts.

Julie - blue sky

What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 28.


Gymnast’s Honor. Ivy likes gymnastics. A lot. In this photostory, Ivy is practicing her beam routine. (Gymnast’s Honor was actually featured in one of Doll Diaries’ Picks of the Week! Thank you, Char!)


Perfect Day ~ an AGPS. Really not my best photoshoot, but Tracy is a difficult model (she hates having her picture taken — the girl takes after my own heart) and harsh morning sunlight is hard to deal with.

Well, that wraps up this Flashback! Don’t be afraid to comment on the posts mentioned — I love comments, even if it’s on something I posted a year ago.

Peace out!



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