TSO, Mini Doll Style — Part Four {Finale}

It’s here . . . the finale of BedtimeBear’s awesome guest photostory series, “TSO, Mini Doll Style!”

Part one, two, and three.



“There she is,” Kirsten whispered almost soundlessly. “Lady Shaloe.”


Lady Shaloe was a big white Maltese who loved fashion and was basically the richest animal in town. The two, well, technically the three-some, had snuck around upstairs for a while before stumbling upon the Lady, who was at the moment busy primping herself with a crowd of admiring fans:


Nancy, who was an adoring fan of Lady Shaloe; Stripey, who was trying to keep from yawning from boredom; and Ollieo, who was probably going to be an easy capture.


I eyed the scene with my mind swirling with the possibility of capturing more than one animal. Without turning my head from the scene I murmured to Kirsten, “Pick your targets.”


Kirsten nodded and eyed them carefully. Lady Shaloe was now demonstrating the art of modeling an outfit, with Nancy hanging on her every word. Ollieo, thinking that this was a Jeopardy thing, was in vain trying to get Lady Shaloe to call on him by first sitting still, then bouncing and waving his arms, er, wings, excitedly. Stripey had curled up for a cat nap.


Kirsten turned back to me, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.  “I pick Lady Shaloe and Nancy.”

“Then get to it, Private!” I whisper-squeaked. As I watched Kirsten scurry off to find what she needed to defeat Lady Shaloe and Nancy, I had to wonder, How would I defeat Ollieo and Stripey?


 “PIZZZZAAAAA!” A loud voice interrupted my thoughts. Shocked, surprised, and flabbergasted, the three jerked their heads up and Stripey awoke immediately from her probably fake cat nap. There in the doorway stood a giant box with big letters written on it saying PIZZA.


“PIZZZZZAAAAAA!” Lady Shaloe screamed as she jumped on the box, struggling to get it open. Nancy bounced after her and the two struggled for a couple of minutes. Then they tumbled into the box. SNAP! The pizza box closed on them.


“Hey! The box was rigged, most fascinating. I must tell Mama!” Ollieo said before waddling off.


Realizing we only had a couple of minutes to spare before Mama came and stopped us, Kirsten and I jumped into action. While I knocked the box down, Kirsten tackled Stripey’s sharp claws with her sword.


Stripey was so shocked that she took to her heels! TSO AGENTS HAD WON THE BATTLE! Until, “REBECCA! KIRSTEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Kirsten and I fled and went into hiding, knowing that now we were full-fledged TSO agents!

(Take up the challenge, you MINI DOLLS! SHOW THEM WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF!)


Thank you so much, BedtimeBear, for sending in your entertaining photostory series! I really loved reading it. :)


And to all the rest of my readers . . . would YOU like to send in a guest post? If so, please visit my Get Featured page and follow the directions. I hope to hear from some of you!



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