What is She Doing?! #8

Wow! I haven’t done a What is She Doing?! since September. Oops?


This is the picture you’re going to caption. Molly is fiddling around with her Our Generation “Under the Microscope” set, and the mini dolls, Mini Rebecca Rubin the First and Aciana, are doing . . . something.

If you don’t know how to play “What is She Doing?!,” here are the rules:

Leave a comment with one or two captions for this photo.

On March 3rd, I’ll announce the winner.

There is no prize, this is just for fun. And my amusement.

Caption away!



18 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #8

  1. Ooh! Ooh! I’ve got a caption! :P

    Molly: *completely absorbed* “Now, where did I put that test tube?”
    Rebecca: “Come on, Aciana! All we have to do is grab the purple test tube out from under the dim-witted doll’s nose. Keep guard.”
    Aciana: “O-okay..”
    Aciana: *passes out*

    -Clara <3

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  2. Aciana and Rebekah peek over the top of the table.
    Molly: Hmm. This didn’t explode… I wonder if that’s good or bad…
    (Mini dolls talking in whispers)
    Aciana: Rebekah, I don’t think this is safe!
    Rebekah: Nonsense! Molly knows her science. I think…
    (They watch Molly in silence for a little while)
    Aciana: *still in a whisper* Rebekah… Molly hasn’t moved for a whole minute. She has her head down on that purple and silver thingy!
    Rebekah: *in a louder whisper* Oh NO! She’s being intoxicated by the fumes! We’ve gotta save her!!
    (Aciana boosts Rebekah over the top of the table)
    Molly: *mumbles* Aha! That must be a water bear… and I’m certain this is some sort of Paramecium.
    (Aciana and Rebekah exchange terrified glances, then Rebekah runs towards Molly)
    Rebekah: MOLLY!! GET AWAAAAAYYY! (knocks Molly down)
    Molly: What on earth? Rebekah! You’ve knocked over all my pond water! I’m coming little Vorticella!

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  3. Molly: *Muttering to herself* “Now, let’s see… a little nitroglyceride of oxidized ammonium, a dab monocarbinate, and just a bit of blue #78…” *Looks at the mixture under the microscope* “Ah! That should do it! I wonder what the minis will look like with blue hair?” *Cackles evilly* “Girls! Rebecca and Aciana, I made some blue raspberry soda for you! Come and have a taste!”
    Rebecca: *Squeals* “Blue!”
    Aciana: “Raspberry!”
    Both Minis; “SODA!!” *race up to Molly’s table*

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  4. “Alright, so if I slide this under the microscope..” Molly thought aloud.
    “Ugh,” Rebecca said. “I hate science.”
    Aciana frowned. “I don’t.”
    “You know what would be funny?”
    Rebecca smirked. “Let’s put our faces under the microscope!”
    So they climbed up the table.

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  5. Molly: And now I show you how to disappear!
    Rebecca: C’mon Aciana! It will be fun!
    Aciana: I don’t know about this…
    Rebecca: Please?! *does puppy dog eyes*
    Aciana: Okay, fine. Only because I can’t stand your faces!!
    *The two climb up the table and Molly acidentally spills the liquid*
    Aciana: Uhh…Becca?! I can’t exactly see you.
    Rebecca: What do you mean you can’t….
    *Aciana holds up a mirror*
    Rebecca: AHHH!!

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  6. Molly: Hmm… what is that smell.. oh wait it’s my concoction! *grins*
    Rebecca: Smelly liquid…+ prankerster Rebecca= Tracy’s embarasment for life!!
    Aciana: Oh no!
    Rebecca: Oh yes!
    Molly: Now my enlargment potion is done!
    Rebecca: Oh yes! This is even better! Mutant smelly Ivy socks in Tracy’s bed!! Yes!! Yes!!
    Acaina: This is worse than I thought!

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  7. Molly: blah blah blah science…blah blah atoms, blah blah blah oxygen…carbon dioxide…

    Rebecca: must…get..test tube…

    Aciana: Rebecca, are you sure about this?

    Rebecca: of course I am! Now PUSH!

    (Aciana hoists Rebecca up)

    Molly: Nooo anything but the purple one!

    (Rebecca grabs the purple test tube, laughing evilly)
    (Molly wails)

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  8. Molly: What was that?
    Rebecca: Come on Aciana, we must get that strawberry punch!
    Aciana: Becca, do we really need that?
    Rebecca: (serous face) Yes, yes we do.
    Aciana: Becca yo
    Rebecca: ” you don’t need to drink some much fruit juice”
    Molly: Oh well
    Crunch, crunch

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  9. Aciana: I don’t think this is such a great idea…………..
    Rebecca: What do you mean? What could possibly go run with being the guinea pigs for Molly’s top secret liquid?
    Molly: *hummming this song* Oh dear, oh dear, my revenge is clear! The dear mini’s flair will be limp, like a sinking blimp! As they disappear, like a 3-D sphere……………. *Song continues along those lines*
    Rebecca: Aciana, RUN!
    *Aciana has already jumped off the table and Rebecca is following suit*
    Molly: *pretends not to notice so that she could have the soda all to herself*

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  10. Rebecca (in a whisper on the ground): “Hey Aciana, let’s spy on Molly! After that trick she did last week to me…”
    Aciana; “Yes, great idea! You first”.
    *both climb halfway up table*
    Aciana: “What do you see?”
    Rebecca: “She’s looking at a microscope…..then she pours something in a tube….then she looks back at the microscope…”
    Aciana: “Sounds boring! Let’s help her out a little”.
    *both laugh*
    Rebecca: “Just be careful….that stuff looks dangerous!”
    Aciana: “Yeah… on second thought, maybe we shouldn’t”.
    Rebecca: “Hmmm, what if we just put a fake spider in her bed instead? That won’t hurt anybody…like that stuff might if it blows up!”
    Aciana: “Great! I’ve got one in my room”.
    *both climb down and run off*

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  11. Here are mine:
    Molly: “Ahhh! Won’t you two just leave me alone! Why won’t the silly liquid come OUT OF THE BOTTLE!!!!!!!???”
    Rebecca: “Is that liquid edible?! Does is taste good!? Can you help me up? WILL YOU ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!?!?!”
    Molly: “AHHHHH! LEAVE. ME. ALONE!!!!!!!!!!”

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  12. Molly was just about finished her school science project.
    Molly: Okay mix this with this and ahhh perfect

    MinI Rebecca:*whispers* lift harder Aciana we need the pinky-ish liquid

    Aciana: but you *grunt* don’t even know *grunt* what it does?

    Rebecca: *yells* OR COURSE I DO!!!!*whispers* Pink is a pretty colour logically speaking of I drink that whole test tube I will become 18 inches

    Aciana: oh whatever. Go drink the test tube, *pushes mini Rebecca to the top* good luck with being 18 inches

    Mini Rebecca : thanks!!!! Not that I’ll need it.

    An hour later………………

    Molly: WHAT-THE where’s my pink test tube. Meh whatev———-

    Emily: Molly when did we get a new sister

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  13. Aciana: Go, go ask her!
    Rebecca: Are you sure?
    Aciana: Of course I am. She’s distracted so she will agree to whatever we want!
    Rebecca: Even a whole gallon of ice cream?
    Aciana: Of course and if she does refuse, you’ll just have to play the adorable card.

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  14. Molly: Now, if time=relativity, then mc2=…
    Mini Rebecca Rubin the First:: come on… Almost… There.. yes! (Mimicking Caroline) “Molly! Why haven’t you cleaned your room?”
    Molly: Curses.-walks away-
    Mini rebecca Rubin the first: alright! Let’s blow up the world! -cackles-


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