Mary-Jane’s Journal — Entry 3


Dear Diary,

It’s insane how bad I am at keeping up with this journal! My last entry was in, what, September? All I have to say is that I am lazy and don’t have anything to write about.

Well, I’ve finally come up with something to talk about: Serpents! It’s a series Loren is going to do on her blog. I get to play Stephanie Atkins, the main character, which is awesome. Anyway, I decided to write about some Serpents-related stuff — i.e., preparing to film the first episode.

I met up with the other actress this morning. Caroline Abbott, who is playing Claire Fairfax, and Saige Copeland, who is playing Xena Fletcher.

We got our scripts and after a bit of “team bonding” time (munching on snacks provided by the director), began to work on the first episode! After silently reading through the script and stage directions, Caroline, Saige, and I acted out the first scene. It was pretty amusing to watch the other actresses flub their lines and miss their cues, though I made plenty of mistakes myself!

We’re going to get better, of course. We wouldn’t have been cast if we didn’t have the acting skills necessary to pull this off! Practice makes perfect . . .

I’ve got to say — I’m really nervous. Even though I’m a semi-retired celebrity and have had my share of the limelight, I’ve never played the main character in a series. I’ve never worked professionally with this group of actresses, either.

I’d better get to work memorizing my lines!

Au revoir/Adios,

MJ Valdez


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