Flashback — February 2015


The BFF Wars — Part 5. In which the fashion challenged Team Tori attempts to beat the clothes-crazy members of Team Jules.


The BFF Wars — Part 5 1/2. Tori is angry. There’s backstory and math equations.


What’s Up Wednesday ~ February 4.


Scientific Savannah. Science? I get on the internet to get away from school! Well, this post is actually kind of funny, so . . . check it out, I guess.


The Package (With Something Inside). This is the first (and, so far, only) appearance of Savannah’s best friend from Florida, Cass. A lot of you have guessed that she’s the new doll I mentioned in The Guessing Game. ;)


The First Adventure of Mini Rebecca Rubin the First and Kelsie the Sidekick. Has it really been a year since Mini Rebecca has starred in her own photostory? In this weird but hilarious photostory, Savannah meets mini dolls for the first time, and said mini dolls go crazy.

WUW February 11

What’s Up Wednesday ~ February 11.


Happy Valentine’s Day! I complain about the cold and talk about some other mildly important stuff.


Frost Flower ~ an AGPS. One of my favorite photoshoots of Savannah, like, ever. Snow + white gown + Savannah = pretty pictures.


Sugar Plum Fairy ~ an AGPS. One of my favorite photoshoots of Molly. (Seriously, guys, snow makes my pictures pretty.)


What’s Up Wednesday ~ February 18. Yes, those are stuffed animals.


Updates :P.


The Cool Birthday Party. Skittles. Dolls dressed as boys. Gangnam Style. It’s a laugh (not really).


A Quick Update.


What Happens When Someone Knocks on Our Front Door. Yay for long titles! Celebrity Mary-Jane Alina Grace Valdez comes to stay with the Happy House of AG dolls.


MJ’s Profile.


What’s Up Wednesday ~ February 25.


Mary-Jane’s Journal — Entry 1. Wow. So I started Mary-Jane’s Journal in February 2015, and in February 2016, I published the third entry? *facepalm*


Lily Among Thorns. One of my favorite photoshoots EVER.


Mini Monsters in the Attic. Mini Rebecca and Kelsie the Sidekick return in an epic photostory, complete with Pinewood Derby cars and swords.



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