Ellie’s Profile

Here’s Ellie’s profile:

American Girl doll Maryellen Larkin

Name: Elise Penelope Larkin
Age: 10
Nickname(s): Ellie, Ellie Penelope
Date Received: February 29, 2016
Type: Renamed Beforever Maryellen Larkin
Birthday: June 7
Allergies: None.
Hobbies: Science, art, exploring, daydreaming, playing outside.
Personality: Energetic, curious, optimistic, friendly, imaginative.
Awesome Fact: I like making my own comic strips!
Random Fact: I’m left-handed.
Pet(s): None.
Fave Animal(s): Horses.
Fave Food(s): Corn dogs!
Fave Color(s): Sky blue.




32 thoughts on “Ellie’s Profile

  1. cool! I want to get MaryEllen so she can be redheaded friends with MAG#61 that I have! She is so pretty! I like your Ellie and the Fence post.


  2. Cool! And she likes playing outside! Also, is it just me, or does she look younger than your other dolls? (particularly Grace and Lea). She has such an innocent face! :mrgreen:

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


  3. Ell is so cute! (Can I “call” her Ell? YOu kniw, as a nickname for her nickname?) XD Her hair looks just bee-you-tiful! :D She and Saige will be good friends, since they both love horses!


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