DFA: Off to the Park! With . . .

Hello, hello! I’m here with another Dragged From the Archives post. This one was originally posted in July 2014, a few days after Ivy arrived. Enjoy! 🙂

Off to the Park! With . . .

Yep, you guessed it. Me, Ivy! Haha, sick of me writing yet? Well, too bad! As the title states, I went to the park!


It was so stinkin’ hot! I played on a  little playground, probably designed for dolls! There were monkey bars, which I’m totally rocking in this picture . . .


. . . This swirly thing . . . Wee!



There was also this zig-zaggy slide!


The theater! Aren’t I sooooo dramatic? Oh, and the playground behind me? That’s the one I was just playing on!


And now I’m at the little ice cream shop! What flavor would you like? Chocolate? Certainly! Coming right up!


Haha, now I’m dancing. 😄


 So now I’m just sitting out in the sun, letting my skin/vinyl melt, and wishing there was sunblock for dolls.


And then this is a random photo that Loren took.

While we were at the park, we saw . . .


BABY DUCKIES!! Aren’t they cute?!




26 thoughts on “DFA: Off to the Park! With . . .

  1. Aww! Ivy is so cute! I still have snow up to my knee (in some places, my waist) here where I live! It’s so cold! I went for a photo shoot with my friend and my fingers went numb! You are SO lucky!


  2. Aww the baby ducks are so cute! I saw some at the feed store the other day, they were cute. :)❤️
    I love Ivy’s shirt! Where did you get it? Is it from American Girl? Do they still sell it?


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