Shout Out Your Doll Site — With the Macarena

Today, dear readers, we shall be taking part in something called a shout out.

Sounds fun, right? But first — first! — here are some pictures of Briar Beauty doing the macarena. Because why not?

Good job, Bri. Your dancing skills . . . they just . . .. they blew me away. *wipes tears*

Onto the aforementioned shout out!

Leave a comment with your blog’s name and URL and I’ll add your blog to this post. Please only leave links to DOLL BLOGS. Ready? Go!

Sites added so far:

Kendra’s blog, AG Street

American Girl Doll Artist and Catlover02’s blog, Small Dolls in a Big World

Bella’s blog, A Doll’s Life

Christian Homeschooler’s blog, Treasured Friendships With a Flair

Lizzy’s blog, Journal of Two Dolls

Rutvi’s blog, Buzz About AG

Ellie’s blog, The Dolls of 221B

Magda’s blog, Forever Dolls

The Girl Upstairs’s blog, Our American Girl Dollhouse

The Girl Upstairs’s blog, The Girl Upstairs

C.’s blog, Toy Chest Adventures

Jaclynn’s blog, Little House of American Girl

Nicole’s blog, Dolls With a Passion

Clara’ blog, Clara’s Craft Corner

Kayla’s blog, In Dollywood

Mya’s blog, AG Lane

Jenni’s blog, In My Own Little World

Anna’s blog, Daydreaming Dolls

Lexie’s blog, Dolltastically Fun

Geeky_Girl’s blog, The Dolls of Texas

Madison’s blog, Delightful World of Dolls

Hannah’s blog, AG Doll Dreamer

Rebekah’s blog, American Girl Guide

Emma’s blog, Wack-a-Doodle-Dolls

Devin’s blog, Awesome AG Club

Kathleen’s blog, Dolls and Dance

Keira’s blog, The Jellybean Dollies

Paige’s blog, My Fun-Sized Life

AGTeen’s blog, American Girl Doll Teen

AnonymousA’s blog, Happy Days With AnonymousA

American Girl Doll Crafter’s blog, Doll Days

Mia’s blog, Awesome AG

Eliza’s blog, Payton Street Dolls



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