Doll Size Finds at Dollar Tree


Hello! It’s me, Nevaeh Taylor. Loren went to Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and found a bunch of cute doll size items to add to her collection. I’m going to be showcasing what she found!


Let’s get started.


First up: this adorable lamp! They come in different pastel colors — purple and yellow, to name a few — and Loren got blue because it’s her favorite color. The lamp doesn’t turn on, but it’s still super cute, and it would make a great addition to your doll’s room.


How about these drawers? The cabinet is pretty short — it only comes up to my knees — but it makes a good nightstand nonetheless. Molly and Emily have a green version of this in their room.


Loren saw this trashcan and knew she had to have it!


You can even lift the lid and deposit all your icky trash.


This little cactus is a sweet household plant that doesn’t require much attention — whether that’s because it’s plastic or simply a cactus is up to you. ;)


I’m excited to plant some flowers in these real terracotta pots come summertime!


With Easter coming up in a few days, Loren knew she had to get these mini Easter eggs! $1.00 for thirty-six glittery eggs.


I can’t wait to search for these with my sisters during our Easter egg hunt!


I saved this skateboard for last because, well . . . I’m sort of afraid of it. I’m a horrible skateboarder, and I have bad childhood memories of skateboarding on my family’s farm in West Virginia. But I have decided to overcome my fear today and learn how to ride!

Later, that is.


The skateboard is a really good size for us American Girl dolls, and I think it looks pretty . . . swagtastic? Totes amaze? Sick? I honestly don’t know what kind of things kids say these days.


Here’s the back. Would cool kids say that it has a wicked paint job?


Well, I’ve decided to try skateboarding. For you guys.


Here I go . . .



As you can tell, that didn’t go well. I suppose that if I ever want to learn, I’ll have to get lessons from a professional — my sister Tracy, maybe.

Have you found any doll size things lately?



52 thoughts on “Doll Size Finds at Dollar Tree

  1. It’s kinda funny, because I have that exact same blue lamp! It came with my Lanie doll I ordered off of eBay. I’ve always wondered where it was from, and now I know! Thanks for this post! 😉

    -American Girl Doll Crafter


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