Serpents — Episode Two


I gaped at my mom. Who was Claire? I’d known her forever — since first grade, that is — and Mom was close friends with Mrs. Fairfax. They went to a book club together every Wednesday evening.

“Claire Fairfax!” I cried. “One of my best friends! Mom, why can’t you remember her?” Unable to remain in my mom’s presence any longer, I grabbed Xena’s hand and dragged her out of the house.


“Where are we going?” Xena inquired as I hopped onto my skateboard and glided down the driveway. She had to jog to keep up with me.

“Claire’s house,” I explained. Claire’s family would help us, surely. Because why wouldn’t they? Their daughter was missing.

I was fortunate enough to live on the same street as my two best friends. It took only a few short minutes before Xena and I had arrived at Claire’s house.


We raced up to the front door and rang the door bell impatiently. A moment later, a woman with long blonde hair opened the door: Claire’s mother.

She smiled at us. “Look who it is — my favorite Girl Scouts! Come on in,” she said. Mrs. Fairfax opened the door wide.

Xena and I exchanged confused glances. Girl Scouts? We weren’t Girl Scouts. Never had been. Nevertheless, we entered the house.


“You’re selling Girl Scout cookies again? It feels like we just bought some last week . . . Ah, it doesn’t matter — I do love your cookies!” Mrs. Fairfax chatted, her voice light and cheery. “I’m afraid it’s a bad time, though. My husband, Liam, is taking me out to lunch. At a fancy restaurant, too!” She giggled like a little girl.

We forced pained smiles.

“Just a minute,” Mrs. Fairfax whispered, and skipped down the hall. “Liam, love, it’s the Girl Scouts! Do you want any cookies?”

A gruff voice replied, “Just some Thin Mints, dear.”

I coughed to get the woman’s attention. “Mrs. Fairfax! Claire is missing! She’s lost somewhere in the woods, and we need you to help us find her!”


What she did next shouldn’t have surprised me. I’d heard it before.

A look of bafflement crossed Mrs. Fairfax’s face. “I don’t know anyone named Claire.” She called down the hallway, “Liam, do you?”

We got out of the Fairfax home as quickly as we could.


I’m sorry this part is so short! But I have the next part ready to go, so that should be up soon. :)



32 thoughts on “Serpents — Episode Two

  1. Okay, so you want to kill me. Fine. Just give me the next part!!!!!! Please!!!!! Also, what is going on? Aliens? Or maybe….. wait a sec!! Serpents! Maybe I get the title now! This is awesome!


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