Flashback — April 2015

Flashback time! :D


What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 1.

American Girl doll Caroline Abbott | Happy House of AG

Beautiful Blonde ~ an AGPS. I took some pictures of Caroline for Easter. To be honest, it’s one of my favorite Caroline photoshoots ever.

American Girl doll Emily Bennett | Happy House of AG

Emily Natalia ~ {Firework}. Em’s personality got a revamp, and I posted a photoshoot along with the lyrics to Katy Perry’s Firework.


What’s Up Wednesday (or Thursday?) ~ April 9 (or Should it be 8? OK, I’m Confused . . .). Hooray for long titles and all that.


Nikki’s Award.

American Girl doll BeForever Mini Rebecca

What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 15. (Remember this pic, Clara? ;) )

American Girl doll Ivy Ling| Happy House of AG

Asian Flowers. Some pretty pictures of Ivy in a flowering cherry tree. I find her really hard to photograph, for some reason.

ATD Collage-resized

What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 22.

What is She Doing?! | Happy House of AG

What is She Doing?! #4. Weird things are happening over there . . .


The Fairy Tale Spa. MJ takes the girls to a little-known spa in order to wind down after filming the finale of The BFF Wars.

Happy House of AG

Doll Dance Academy. My friend Kelsie started a blog, Doll Dance Academy.



20 thoughts on “Flashback — April 2015

  1. *groans* I remember that picture… why did I not pull her hair back? IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. XD
    Great post! The photoshoot of Caroline is gorgeous. :)

    -Clara <3


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