What is She Doing?! #9

Yo. We’re going to play What is She Doing?!

Let’s go.

What is She Doing?!  | Happy House of AG

This is the picture you’re going to caption. Ellie is doing something with these puppies (Coconut and Boo) while Tracy, who may or may not be paying attention, rides her scooter.

If you don’t know how to play “What is She Doing?!,” here are the rules:

Leave a comment with one or two captions for this photo.

On May 25th, I’ll announce the winner.

There is no prize, this is just for fun. And my amusement.

Caption away!



17 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #9

  1. Tracey: La la la! I just love riding this scooter, with the wind blowing through my hair and no cares in the world. La la la!
    Ellie: Now, Coconut and Boo, it’s high time I take you to the puppy salon.
    Coconut: GRRRRR! (NO!)
    Boo: Ruff! Ruff! Yip! Yip! (You’ll have to catch me first!)
    (Dogs take off running into the street)
    Ellie: Coconut! BOO!
    Tracey: (Stopping the scooter) Whoa, Ellie, you scared me. I didn’t expect you to jump into the road and yell, ‘BOO!’
    Ellie: I didn’t – I mean… That’s not what I was, oh, never mind. Can you help me catch those two little rascals!
    (Boo and Coconut have already run across the street and into the park)
    Tracey: Oh, you mean, The Doggy Duo of Doom.
    Ellie: Yeah, right. Whatever you call them… GET THEM!!!!!


  2. Ellie: Awww, you two are the cutest!!!
    Tracy: *snores*

    *motorcycle rolls forward*
    Ellie: (screaming) Tracy! Be careful! You almost hit the puppies!

    Coconut and Boo: Hey, watch it!

    Tracy: (wakes up) Huh? Did I miss something?

    Yes, dogs can talk now.


  3. Ellie: “Sit… now stay… you are such good dogs! Yes you are! Yes you are!”
    Tracy: *blaring loud music as she rides*
    Boo: “Coconut! We’re going to get killed! Run for it!”
    Coconut: “But we get treats if we stay!”
    Coconut: “TREATS!”
    Tracy: “La, la, la…”
    Ellie: “Wait! No! Come back, Boo! Where are you go- OW.”

    -Clara <3


  4. Ellie: Puppies! Come here! Tracy’s going to run you over!
    Tracy: I’m practicing my model look!
    Ellie: On a motorcycle!?!?
    Tracy: Yes! You know, being a human model would be too complicated. So, I’m planning to become a motorcycle-human model! I’m the best motorcycle-human model in town!
    Ellie: (muttering) You’re also the only one…

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  5. Ellie (who isn’t really a fan of dogs): Puppies… Come this way. Off the road. *notices Tracy* STOP. TRACY, YOU ARE GOING TO HIT THESE INNOCENT DOGS!
    *dogs run into the grass*
    Tracy: Stop freaking out Ellie. I was just trying to get the puppies off the road.


  6. Okay, I’m not very good, but I’ll try.
    Ellie: “Coconut, Boo, We have to go to the park!”
    Boo: “Woof, Woof!”
    Tracy: “Emily was Right~ this Scooter is Awesome!” “Wait a minute- is that Spiderman?” (Looks over at Spiderman)
    Ellie: (Looks at Tracy) “Tracy, Watch Out!!!”
    Tracy: “What?” (Falls over Ellie)
    Boo: (Looks at Coconut) “She should have listened to us.”
    Ellie: Coconut, Boo, sit.
    Tracy: I came in like a Wrecking Ball!!! Ooh! Is that Molly? (Looks over to Molly)
    Boo and Coconut: (Runs Away)
    Ellie: hey! I said sit, not run!(Looks over at Tracy,) Tracy?! (Runs over to dogs)
    Tracy: wow. That’s harsh. Is it national be mean to Tracy day or something?
    I hope you liked my Captions


  7. Ellie: “You both are such good dogs!”
    Tracy: “Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!”
    Boo: “Uhh…is that Christmas music?”
    Coconut: “I think so?!”
    Ellie: “Good, good doggies!”
    Tracy: “‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!”
    Coconut: “Yep.”


  8. Tracy: I am one with the Force. I know exactly where I am headed, even with my eyes closed.
    Ellie: I love you, you sweet puppies!
    Ellie: -looks over at Tracy- Uh…… Tracy?
    Tracy: -being too one with the Force to hear-
    Ellie: OH MY YODA, GUYS, RUN!

    I may do another one tomorrow…

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  9. Ellie; Alright, Boo, you are Peter Parker. Coconut, you’re Tony stark.
    Coconut; Wait-I waNNA BE SPIDERMAN!
    Tracy; *Patiently waiting with her eyes closed.* Spiderman? I get to MEET SPIDERMAN!?! AND IRON MAN!?!?! Best birthday present ever!


  10. Ellie: Hmm. I wonder who these strange dogs are. Anyways, fetch! *throws stick onto street*
    Coco: Hey bro, do you smell what I smell?
    Boo: TREEEAAAAATTTTSSSS. *mouth waters*
    Coco: It’s that girl riding the rad scooter! On three, we attack. One…
    Boo: I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER!!! *tears after Trace*
    Coco: Okay, fine. THREE! *chases after Boo*
    Boo + Coco: ATTACK!!!
    Tracy: *wakes up*
    Boo + Coco: GIVE US THY TREATS!!!
    Boo + Coco: How about… Your Starbucks privileges!
    Tracy: Okay. I lied. STARBUCKS IS MY EVERYTHING!!!!
    Boo: She doesn’t love it that much, since she obviously didn’t have any today.


  11. Tracy: Ellie! Get out of the road, I want to use it for skateboarding.
    Ellie: Um… what did you say? I can’t hear you over Coconut and Boo.
    What Tracy thinks Ellie Said: Um…. no way! I’m playing with Coconut and Boo.
    Tracy: *muttering to her self* Fine then. I guess I’ll have to force you out of the road.


  12. Tracy: *whines “Ellie, come on, hurry up! We’re going to be late for the movie!”
    Ellie: “I just want to check their tags. These puppies have to belong to somebody.” (walks over to the puppies.)
    Tracy: *pouts “Fine, but if we miss the movie, then you owe me a smoothie.”
    Ellie: *brightly “It looks like they live at 20 Ridgeway! That’s really close! We should bring them home, Tracy!”
    Tracy: “No way, Ellie! I am not putting those dogs on my scooter!”
    Ellie: “But then how else are we going to get them home, silly? Come on, Tracy, move over!”
    Tracy: *grumbling “There better be a free smoothie in this for me.”

    Okay, we tried!! lol! Oh, and there is a giveaway on our blog right now so be sure to check it out! :)

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com


  13. Tracy: Yes I look amazing.. *music plays* Take my picture peasant *points at Ellie*
    Ellie: Boo we are going to teach you to play doggie soccer.
    Coconut: This will be interesting..
    Tracy: Peasant bow before the all amazing Tracy..
    Ellie: *eye roll* Coconut attack Tracy before I destroy her scooter.
    Coconut: No thanks..
    Ellie: NOW!
    Coconut: Treat!!
    Ellie: If… you… attack… *draws out attack*
    Tracy: No bad dog.. stop.. dont come any closer.. no.. no..
    Coconut: *attacks*
    Ellie: *laughs*
    Boo: Humans are so weird… *walks away*
    Lol xD I hope that was good! <3


  14. Tracy: Ew! (Screams) Is that a bug in my eye?
    Ellie: Okay dogs, time to go to the vet– I mean time to get treats!
    Dogs: Noooo! Wait did someone say treats?
    Tracy: Ew–bug–go–away–
    Ellie: Wait is that a scooter?


  15. Tracy: Such a lovely day! And there’s not a single dog around. Thats wonderful, since dog are so… germy….

    Ellie: Now come along Boo and Coconut. I know ya’ll hate the going to the vet, but you guys have to, ok?

    Tracy: *turns corner and sees dogs* Oh my goodness… DOGS!!! Eww eww eww eww!!!! AHHHHHH! Get out of my way, you stinky animals! You smell awful!

    Boo and Coconut freak out and take off running.

    Ellie: Wow, I never knew I was so good at talking to pets!


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