Mary-Jane’s Journal — Entry 4

Mary-Jane's Journal | Happy House of AG

Dear Diary,

I, along with every one else in my enormous, crazy family, finished school last week! I’m so relieved that I don’t have to do anymore Algebra for a couple of months. It was wrecking my brain. 

Anyway, summer is here now, and I’m determined to make the most of it before I’m sucked into my first year of high school (pretty nervous about that!). Hiking, swimming, eating ice cream, celebrating my birthday in July, and throwing a surprise concert for my family are a few things I’m looking forward to. Tracy wants to sleep and play video games all summer, but I’m not going to let her. All the things I want to accomplish would be so much more fun with my best friend by my side.

One thing I was looking forward to doing this summer isn’t going to happen, though. Loren told us over dinner one night that Camp Doll Diaries was shutting down. Everyone was pretty upset — myself included. Even though last year was the first time I went, I was a counselor for the Lil’ Rainbows Cabin, and I have fond memories. Despite that fact that I might never go to Camp Doll Diaries again, I’m determined to have a great summer, and help my sisters enjoy themselves, too. Maybe I can come up with some kind of week-long camp to keep everyone happy and busy.

On a different topic, it’s been months since the newest girl arrived at Happy House of AG — Ellie Larkin showed up in February. Loren never goes very long without adopting another girl. (Don’t ever tell her I said this, but she’s a bit of a softy.) Maybe a new girl will arrive before the summer ends. Hopeful she’ll be my age! It would be nice to know someone in my new high school classes other than Caroline. Sure, Tracy will be there, but she’s in the grade above me.

Ugh — I’m stressing about school again! Chill, MJ. Summer has just begun. Don’t ruin it with thoughts of Geometry.

Au revoir/Adios,

MJ Valdez


33 thoughts on “Mary-Jane’s Journal — Entry 4

  1. We loved Camp Doll Diaries! We were sad to see that it wasn’t going to be on this year too! :( Oh well, summer can still be lots of fun! And a new doll? Hooray!! I’m a bit of a softy too. I always see the dolls in TLC condition, and I want to adopt them all, fix them up, and give them a new home with lots of love! :) <3

    ginnie /

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