Who Should GOTY 2017 Be? Tag

GOTY tag

Hey, guys! Geeky_Girl from The Dolls of Texas nominated me for a really fun tag that she invented:
the Who Should GOTY 2017 Be? Tag.

American Girl, if you’re reading this post, start working on my GOTY idea. Please?


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 10-15 questions given
  • Make 10 questions for the nominees to answer
  • Nominated 2-5 people

What is your GOTY’s name?

Lucina Rivera Ramirez.

How old is she?

13. I think it’s about time American Girl ventured outside of the eleven-year-old box they’re stuck in.

What are her hobbies?

Soccer, babysitting, performing magic tricks, and paintballing.

Where does she live?


Does she have any siblings?

Three brothers: one older than her, two younger.


Riley, the keeper on her all-girls soccer team. Matias, the boy who works at the concession stand at the soccer fields. Amara, a dramatic private schooler with a purple streak in her auburn hair (Lucina and Amara meet while paintballing).


A box turtle. :)

What school does she go to?

Lucina and her siblings are homeschooled, though her older brother, Andrés, goes to public school.

Outfits in collection?

 Meet outfit: orange tank top, gray athletic shorts, a purple fabric headband, sneakers, and soccer ball earrings. Pajamas: old soccer jersey and soft pants. Casual: jean capris, a dark blue sweatshirt, white shirt with colorful geometric print, and a watch. She would also have a white and blue soccer uniform (complete with ball and water bottle),  a sequined black and white magic-show outfit (with top hat and bow tie), paint-splattered jeans and T-shirt for paintballing, and a lime green skater dress. And maybe she would have a Hershey Park T-shirt, since she lives in PA.


Well, I haven’t gotten to actually tell you what Lucina looks like yet, so I’ll do that. ;) She’s half Mexican, with skin the color of Josefina’s and black hair. Her hair would be a bit longer than Emily Bennett’s, and parted on the side. Lucina would have gray eyes — AG hasn’t made many dolls with eyes like that, and I think it would give her a unique look.

I hope you guys liked learning about my ideal GOTY!

I tag . . .

Anyone who likes Kanani!


  • What is your GOTY’s name?
  • How old is she?
  • What does she look like?
  • What are her hobbies?
  • Where does she live?
  • Does she have any siblings?
  • Friends?
  • Pets?
  • What school does she go to?
  • Outfits in her collection?
  • Other?

If Lucina was a real doll, would you buy her?



52 thoughts on “Who Should GOTY 2017 Be? Tag

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  2. i LOVE Kanani, but I probably won’t do this because I would answer each question with answers so at the end she would be a totally random mix of things.
    on the second thought, maybe i will do it, to see how weird she turns out XD


  3. Name: Paige Hunter
    Hobbies:Piano and Drama
    Hometown:Bridgeport CT
    Siblings:An 10 year old sis-Paula
    Friends: Sally Johnson, her best drama competitor and Fredrick (Freddie) Danke, the German smart boy in her class
    Pets: A frog named Pup


  4. I LOVE Kanani!!! So… I guess i’m tagged!

    Name: Lillyanna Sunshine
    Age: 11
    Hobbies: Playing Dolls, Blogging, and Gymnastics
    Hometown: Washington D.C. Washington
    Siblings: Her younger sister (Baiely) and her twin older sisters (Harper and Hailey) (also available for purchasing)
    Friends: Molly and Allie (her best friends that she met at her homeschool group)
    Pets: A rescue kitten named Meowzers
    Other: Did I mention… She’s the first African- American GOTY!!!!
    Would you buy Lillyanna? :)


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