Doll Camp Schedule

Hello, everyone!

I’m pleased to say that I already have enough hosts to make this doll camp happen. To everyone who wanted to host but didn’t get a spot: I’m really sorry. I would have loved for all of you to help, but there were only so many spots. If this camp is a success, I’ll do it again next year — maybe you can get a spot next time. :)

Anyway! Here is the current schedule:

July 18 – 23: Me (Theme: Summer Days)

July 25 – 30: Josie (Theme: Acting)

August 1 – 6: Marissa (Theme: Back to School)

August 8 – 13: Clara (Theme: Books)

August 15 – 20: Anna (Theme: Outdoor Adventure)

August 22 – 27: Grace (Theme: Dance)

August 29 – September 3: Rutvi (Theme: Fairytale)

If anyone has to back out, please notify me before camp starts, so I have time to find someone to replace you. And if “Theme Pending” is beside you name, you still need to pick a theme for your week. You have until later this summer, so take all the time you need. If you can’t think you one, I’d be happy to brainstorm with you in the comments.

Hosts: please make at least two craft posts during your week. Then you can post whatever theme-related things you’d like. And remember how in my original post, I said that campers could send you images of their crafts to post on your blog on Saturday? Well, I’d like the campers to send their pictures to me instead (so the hosts don’t have to give out their emails). If the hosts could tell the campers to email their images to, that would be great.

Not to mention, this doll camp needs a name! Suggestions are welcome. :)



28 thoughts on “Doll Camp Schedule

  1. Here are my ideas…
    -Historical Doll themed
    -Movie themed
    -Food Themed (although I don’t know about many activities for this week…)
    -fashion themed
    -fairytale themed

    What do you think? :) I’m so excited for this! And as for a name… It could be…Camp the Days Away Doll Camp?
    Idk, that was kind of cheesy. 🙈

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  2. This is so awesome you already have so many volunteers! And I love how you stepped up and “took over” Camp Doll diaries place this summer :). I’m so glad to see this camp start up!!

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  3. This is going to be so fun! Great idea, Loren! I’ve got my crafts all planned out- I can’t wait! :D
    My mom suggested Awesome People And Their Dolls Camp. XD XD

    -Clara <3

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  4. Yay! My dolls can’t wait. ;)

    Hmm. . . my camp name suggestions would be:

    Creative Bloggers Doll Camp
    Summer Days Doll Camp

    ~Ms. AGdoll~ :mrgreen:

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  5. I think you should name the camp something that proudly shows a bunch of doll bloggers continuing something awesome. Or you could do something cheesy/classic like “Camp Doll Community,” “it’s a small world of doll bloggers,” or “happy house of camp AG (or just camp AG).” I don’t know but I think what you’re doing is awesome and empowering.


  6. I have a quick question! *raises hand*
    Once the bloggers send you the pictures, will you be posting them on here, or are we supposed to post them? :)

    -Clara <3

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