Mermaid Tails for American Girl Dolls

Now, one thing you should know about me is that I really, really like mermaids. I think they’re amazing, and I like writing stories about them, and I’d definitely love to have a mermaid tail for myself.

During my quest to find a reasonably priced mermaid tail, I discovered the site FinFun. And lo and behold, they sell super pretty mermaid tails:

Fin Fun Celtic Green Mermaid Tail


Sadly, I currently do not have enough money to buy a $100+ mermaid tail.

What does this post have to do with American Girl dolls? you may be wondering. It sounds like you’re just complaining about not being a mermaid.

Well! This website also sells . . . mermaid tails for AG dolls!

1-Asian Magenta Doll Tail and Top - American Girl - American Girl Doll Tail - Doll Mermaid Tails - Treasures - More - Mozilla Firefox 6282016 114351 AM


They come in all the same colors as the human-size tails, but they’re only $12.95! If I can’t be a mermaid, my dolls can.

Caution: visiting may cause you to wish you were a mermaid, which often results in purchasing a tail from aforementioned website.



40 thoughts on “Mermaid Tails for American Girl Dolls

  1. Oh my goodness, I was just looking at mermaid tails this morning! :o :P Those are so awesome…. I think I’ll sew one for my dolls at least. ;)

    -Clara <3


    • Thanks for the link!

      Were you looking at wigs on ? They’ve got some gorgeous mermaid wigs, but, yeah, they’re expensive and out of stock. Maybe if you wait awhile before purchasing a wig, the one you want will be back in stock. And Beautifully Custom does sales occasionally.



  2. I know I saw a vid about mermaid tails a couple months ago and wanted one to but they are pricy so I just swim like a mermaid without the tale it’s a great core workout!

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  3. I actually just received Waverlee’s Malibu Pink tail for my birthday. It is so fun to swim in them. The one downside is if I swim in a public pool, little kids attack my tail, plot to capture me, and ask me to do tricks for them. And total strangers stare at my tail and follow me around the pool. Good thing I lI’ve near a Monofin only pool ☺


    • A monofin only pool?
      Where do you live? haha That would be great. I’ve got a silicone mermaid tail and have received that same treatment by those kids in the pools. Not to mention everyone just staring all the time.
      I feel much better in the ocean – but I do not like going out alone and my the hubby is not always available to come to the beach with me so I think finding a monofin only pool would be ideal!


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