Flashback — June 2015


Off to Camp Doll Diaries! C-camp Doll D-diaries . . . *sad sigh*


In Which Dolls Discover Littlest Pet Shops. Probably one of the weirder photostories that I’ve posted. LPS get featured for the first time.


Who Likes Updates? Announcements, an archival — fun stuff like that.


Lovely Flowers and Lacy Dresses. A PS of an EAH, if you can believe it. There’s, um, lovely flowers . . . and lacy dresses.


What to Do if Your Dolls Have Cockroaches. A very helpful troll post (with naked dolls). It made some of you cry, apparently . . . oops?


The Great Washing. I had to wash almost EVERY SINGLE CLOTHING ITEM because of a cockroach threat. It was not fun. At all.


What is She Doing?! #5.

American Girl Basketball Outfit

American Girl Summer Release 2015. Why does it feel like this stuff just came out.


The TSO — Part One. My dolls form a spy group, and they’re really rather terrible at it. You guys liked the story so much that I turned it into a series.


Life at Camp — Baking With MJ. My dolls literally cannot bake ANYTHING without it mutating.

That was it. I only posted ten things last June (as apposed to this year, where I posted twenty-two things! ☺). I’m so accomplished.



17 thoughts on “Flashback — June 2015

  1. OMG THAT DOLLS WITH COCKROACHES POST. I swear I saw it and I broke out in my crazy laugh that sounds like a mix between a dying hyena and a donkey on anesthetics. XD :P



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