Doll Camp Updates

Hey, guys! I needed to make another post about my upcoming doll camp. As I didn’t want it to be entirely picture-less, I added some pictures that I took in June 2015.


Alright. Let’s get down to business. (I sang that in my head. Curse you, Mulan!) As I’m sure you know, I’m teaming up with six other bloggers to bring you a seven week-long, craft-filled doll camp. Those bloggers are Josie, Marissa, Clara, Anna, Grace, and Rutvi.


Each blogger needs to pick a theme to base their crafts around (mine is Summer Days — general summer-y things). Josie and Rutvi, you guys still need to choose themes! ;)


I’ve been calling this project “doll camp” for awhile, but that’s not it’s official name. Currently, I think it’s going to be called Camp Dolliwatha, after the real-life Camp Hiawatha. Bella from My Doll Days suggested this name — thanks!

My artistic mom agreed to design a logo for the camp, which should be cool. :)


Camp Dolliwatha starts on July 18th, which will be upon us faster than we know. To everyone that’s helping me with this camp: I’d suggest preparing your posts in advance, so you aren’t rushing around trying to pull posts together during your week.

I’m curious . . . how many of you are planning to participate in Camp Dolliwatha?


29 thoughts on “Doll Camp Updates

  1. Yay! I’m super excited for this! Great idea!! ;) My dolls are definitely joining!! There already getting ready by any chance will you be doing “cabins” or “groups”! :) Just asking. <3


  2. YAY! :D I plan to work on my posts this weekend, or else I’ll end up procrastinating until the last second. ;) I bought all the supplies I’ll need- this is going to be so fun!!

    -Clara <3


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