Camp Dolliwatha Recap: Summer Days

Hello! The first week of Camp Dolliwatha is over, so today I’m recaping the crafts, with some help from my readers. Several people sent in photos of the crafts they made, so I’m posting them on my blog!

Friendship Bracelets:

Clara 3

From Clara.

Rope Braid:

Ella 1

From Ella.

Ella 2

Ella 3

Ella 4

Clara 2

From Clara.

Pineapple Phone Case:

Julia 1

From Julia.

Clara 1

From Clara.

Thanks for sending in pictures, guys!

My week hosting Camp Dolliwatha may be over, but there’s still many weeks of camp left this summer! Week Two, Acting, is being hosted by Josie @ Josie On the Go. Visit her blog on Monday for her first camp post!



9 thoughts on “Camp Dolliwatha Recap: Summer Days

  1. IT WAS A GREAT WEEK I LOVED IT! Also if you didn’t heat already the bloggy awards has started up again and if you want to ever vote voting is open until the 10th of August


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