Camp Dolliwatha Recap: Acting

Has it been a week? It has. Oops. I have a legit excuse this time, and it’s one word: VBS. (If you want to read about my VBS adventures, click HERE.)

Anyway, ready for the recap of Week Two?


Grace 1

From Grace (The Girl Upstairs).

Grace 2

Grace 3

Dude, you have such fancy handwriting.

Thanks for sending in pictures, Grace!

Week Three of Camp Dolliwatha will be hosted by Marissa @ Inner Star Studios! Visit her blog on Monday for the start of a week of back-to-school themed posts.

By the way, I won’t be posting much this summer — on here, or on Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes. I’m going to be gone for two weeks with very limited access to WiFi. I might be able to schedule some posts, but idk.



9 thoughts on “Camp Dolliwatha Recap: Acting

  1. That script is so cute! The highlighted parts give the perfect touch! I’m so excited for the back to school theme I already went shopping for me and now I’ll use the crafts for new school items for them!
    Have a great time on your vacation,Loren!

    💜~Ryan out

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  2. And to bad you can’t post much this summer I’ll miss you, but (evil/desperate laugh)…..can you PLEASE do another episode of serpents, pretty please!!!


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