DIY Doll Halloween Candy

Oh, yes: another Halloween DIY. But it’s OK, this is (probably) going to be my last craft for awhile.

So . . . yeah! Doll Halloween candy. Enjoy.



Place a bead in the center of a square of tissue paper.


Twist the paper, twirling the ends in different directions.



Rock Candy


Cut a skewer to about two inches long. Hot glue beads to one end.





Glue a large bead to the end of a skewer (about two inches long).


Cut a square of tissue paper. Twist it around the bead.





Glue two rectangles of brown foam together. Then make a label out of paper and Sharpie. Wrap the label around the foam and glue in place.



Candy Corn


Take three beads: one yellow, one orange, and one white. Stack them on top of each other and glue them in place. (Try to make the white one smaller than the others, but it you can’t, it’s no big deal.)



Peanut Butter Cup


Take a bottle cap and color it orange, using either paint or Sharpie. Cut a circle out of brown foam and glue it inside the bottle cap.



Chocolate Kiss


Cut a square out of aluminum foil and place a bead in the center of it. Twist the foil around the bead. Take a sliver of paper and slip it in the end of the twist.





I have bear-shaped beads that can serve as gummy bears. If you have any animal-shaped beads, create a package out of plastic wrap and tape and put the beads inside.



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