Tenney Grant {My Opinions}

I’ve been a bit disconnected from the American Girl community lately, but as I’ve caught up on my reading, I’m learning a lot about Tenney Grant. If anyone is as confused about who this new doll is as I was, this is what I’ve gathered.

For awhile, the AG community thought Tenney Grant would be the Girl of the Year for 2017. It turns out that theory isn’t quite right. I’ve heard it said that she will be American Girl’s “modern doll.” And, despite not being the GOTY, she will be released shortly after the 2017 one, on February 9th.

Small Dolls in a Big World found a leaked picture of Tenney Grant (see it here). However, it looks far more like a costume doll than an official one. The eyebrows and the vibrant lips look a bit off.

It’s been confirmed that her hands will be uniquely shaped, allowing her to hold instruments (she likes playing guitar). This seems a bit weird to me, because I’m wondering if they’ll look strange on the doll.

Normally, the age range for American Girl books are 9 – 12. However, “Tenney’s Journal” is recommended for girls 10 – 14. It could be that her story will deal with more serious topics than AG’s past books.

Finally, part of her collection will be a boy doll called Logan Everett. Many bloggers are against the idea of a American Girl offering boy dolls, and have speculated that Logan will be Tenney’s boyfriend. Personally, I don’t know exactly what to think. On one hand, I dislike the idea of giving a character a boyfriend. AG is targeted at young girls, and is definitely influential. I don’t think teaching 9 – 12 year old girls that they need a boyfriend is a good idea.

But on the other hand, I am considering buying Logan. (It really depends on how cute he is.) I’ve wanted to add a boy doll to my collection for quite some time, but I have no clue how to create a custom. Also, my dolls dislike being dressed up as boys when I need one for photostories/photoshoots.

Anyway, American Girl must have been planning Tenney Grant for quite some time. The names Tenney and Logan have been trademarked for years . . . Maybe since 2014, I’m not quite sure. I’m excited to see exactly what’s in store for 2017!



49 thoughts on “Tenney Grant {My Opinions}

  1. Tenney turned out not to be a Girl of the Year, and I believe Nanea is also going to turn out to be something other than Beforever like the rumors are suggesting. Nanea was not a popular name in the 1940s, and lately American Girl has been particular about using period-accurate names. I believe the contemporary line is going to be a FULL line (similar to Beforever) and Nanea Mitchell is going to be a part of it. Nanea’s final filing trademark date is 05/09/2017. We will see then…This contemporary line is also rumored to be replacing Girl of the Year and there are rumors there won’t be a GOTY 2018. What do you think about that?

    There’s a lot going on with American Girl right now.

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  2. I’m excited for Tenney Grant! I was looking up pictures of her and saw a page from Tenney’s Journal and it said she went to middle school so I’m thinking that she might be older than 9 or 10! I think that Tenney coming out with a boy doll is cool, (My dolls also don’t like dressing up as boys!) but I agree, please no boyfriends!!!


  3. I, like Sophia, read that Tenney & Logan are in middle school, but that AG shouldn’t do ‘boyfriends’; brothers/cousins would be awesome. I cannot wait to see Logan as I’ve wanted a quality boy doll for a long time and will be thrilled if he’s cute/well done. I’ve also seen his purported outfit: tee shirt w/drum set, black jeans and boy’s briefs, so pretty sure he’ll be coming out in February. ;)


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