Christmas Countdown: 17 Days

Christmas Countdown

It’s finally December, the month of Christmas and lights and candy canes and phenomenal festive stuff like that. Bloggers generally do special series for Christmas, and I have been planning one myself. Until Christmas, I’ll be posting a festive photo of my dolls per day. Or trying to, at least.


Seventeen Days Till Christmas . . .


Ah, cocoa. A blessing from the heavens. Make it in a pot, in the microwave, over a fire, or in a crock pot. And the ways to spruce it up are endless! My personal favorite way is with tons of whipped cream and marshmallows and minty stuff. Mint M&Ms, candy canes, mint Coffee Mate . . . so good. ♥

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, I posted this rather fabulous thing on my other blog called How to Make the Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa. So that’s a thing.

Merry seventeen days till Christmas, loves!


14 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: 17 Days

  1. Oh my goodness, I love hot chocolate! Or just chocolate, like in general, it’s pretty great. Let’s see, other than hot cocoa, during Christmas time, I LOVE CHOCOLATE KISSES. You can’t have hershey’s kisses unless they are the dark chocolate time. I really love dark chocolate. But sadly, I cannot make hot chocolate unless I remind my mother when she goes to the grocery store, which has yet to happen. #publicschoolproblems
    I love your idea of days till’ Christmas! I’m doing a photo series on my blog, which I’m pretty excited about. Just wondering, are you planning on asking for another doll for Christmas? I’m hoping to receive #21, whom would be named Paisley, and would stand as an adorable pink little sister ;D
    Loren, I also just wanted to tell you that your blog is one of my favorites in the whole wide world. Your posts make me smile every time I see one! By the way, is there anything that you recommend seeing in person at American Girl before buying it. I’m going there on my birthday, 6 days after Jesus’


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