Christmas Countdown: 16 Days

Christmas Countdown


Sixteen Days Till Christmas . . .


One of my favorite things about winter? (Well, despite the fact that all the bugs go somewhere to die.) Sweaters! They’re cozy and soft and so cute. :)

Nevaeh, Ivy, and Eve are modeling some of my favorite doll sweaters. And Eve looks really cute in Molly’s meet sweater . . . I wonder why I never tried it on her before?

What does your favorite sweater look like?



15 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: 16 Days

  1. My favorite sweater isn’t very thick – who needs a thick sweater here in the Sunshine State? :P It’s thin, but it does feel nice on (rare) chilly days. I love it; It’s black-and-whtie Aztec patterned, is high-low, and is form-fitting. I wear it a lot. XD

    BTW, my dolls are so jealous of the blue sweater that Ivy is wearing. My dolls have zero sweaters except for Molly’s, and that blue one is super cute. XD


  2. My dolls and I have a tradition (started in 2014) that every year we need to wear a Christmas jumper (whether it be old or new) it’s really fun. I also get a mini real Christmas tree with lights and it’s so adorable (since 2013)!
    -Lucky 🍀


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