GOTY 2017 Debut

Hey, guys!

The GOTY debut was a lot of fun. I drove up to D.C. with my dad, walked around the store for quite a long time, made fun of the sets I didn’t like . . . I also got to meet Izzy from Sew Sweet Dollies (a private blog). Getting to meet you was amazing, Izzy! You’re also incredibly cute. I say that in a non-creepy way, but I really mean it.

If anyone is wondering, I don’t know what the free debut gift is. I didn’t get one, and I don’t even know if there was one this year. Does anyone know?

Anyway, here are my pictures from the store.

Gabriela McBride


The new Girl of the Year, Gabriela McBride. I like her pants and shoes.

The AG community has been requesting an African-American GOTY for quite some time, and I’m glad our wish was finally granted. Maybe I’m being picky, but I would have liked Gabriela a lot more if there was something more unique about her. She looks just like the African-American Truly Me dolls. If American Girl had given her a feature that made her stand out, I would have considered buying her.


They gave her box a completely new style . . . interesting.


So Gabriela is into the arts, right? Dancing, painting, music, poetry. That’s cool and all (I freaking love the arts), but didn’t we just have a dancer GOTY in 2014? And isn’t Melody a singer? I guess AG has been running low on GOTY ideas.


Super sparkly outfit. I like it, actually.





Her cat creeps me out.

Truly Me


The new Dream Pajamas.


Adorable doll food.


Mix-and-match set.


Ice skating set.

A lot of you have been asking if I bought anything. Well, duh, of course I did. πŸ˜› I’ll be posting tomorrow, hopefully, about what I got.

And, yeah, I did get a doll.

I wasn’t planning on buying her, but she came home anyway. πŸ˜„ Any guesses?



35 thoughts on “GOTY 2017 Debut

  1. It was great to see photos from the debut! (I need to come and meet you sometime!) I wish Gabby was a bit more unique too…everything about her has been done before (including poetry…McKenna was into haikus), but she’s definitely a cutie! πŸ˜€
    Thanks for sharing, Loren!

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  2. I guess you bought Gabriella?!?! I am not sure you made it sound like you were not thrilled with her but… then you said you weren’t planning to get her but you did. And she is very different. So…πŸ˜„πŸ€£πŸ˜¬πŸ€”

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  3. You ended up getting Truly Me #40, didn’t you? You knew you would. Aw, thanks so much for saying I’m cute! 😊 Making me blush. It was amazing getting to meet you! I think her free gift things were a little plaque with stickers that I ended up getting, and then the first fifty people to buy the doll at each store got a stereo notebook that looks like the bag from her accessories and a heart cookie with music notes on it. Also, I’m guessing you ended up with the geometric shorts, the store exclusive jeans, and maybe one other mix and match item? I ended up getting Samantha’s special day outfit-totally worth it! I’ll be posting a review on my blog soon. πŸ˜„ Gabby’s cat also freaks me out, with those bulging eyes, but I love her purple sparkle outfit. It was next on my luck if thjings to buy. I agree that AG should have done more to make her stand out. Happy New Year! It was so great to meet you!


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  4. ❀ this post! I agree, Gabriela seems like a bunch of recycled ideas. Oooh, you got a new doll!!! Hmmm, maybe Melody or Addy? I haven't been on your site in forever, so I really don't know.
    ❀ , IrishAG

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  5. You bought a new doll? Totally wasn’t expecting that.XD

    I’m going to be smart about this and say that I already know who you got but don’t want to spoil it for the others. Then, when you do reveal which doll you got, I’ll say I knew who it was all along.

    JK. πŸ˜„ I’m guessing Cassandra, #40, or maybe you did get Gabriela and are just throwing us off. πŸ˜‰

    That sparkly outfit of hers is my favorite part of her whole collection, but I don’t really like anything else. Oh, and is anyone else wondering why on earth American Girl gave her those sparkly tap shoes? I’ve taken tap for quite a while, and the only tap shoes I’ve ever seen a dancer wear are black and occasionally tan.


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  6. So cool to see pictures from the GOTY 2017 debut! We wish we could meet you sometime! We wish Gabriela was more unique as well because everything about her personality has been used in another GOTY, but she is still adorable! Thanks for showing us some photos, Loren!

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  7. I LOVE the little laptop and asdfghjkl THE HEADPHONES! I’m probably not going to buy GOTY 2017. Hmm…. let’s see…did you get Melody? Or maybe another Truly Me…. Anyways, thanks for sharing!


  8. I’m so sad that Gabriela is pretty, but is oh so boring and her box is in bad taste. Gosh, whose designing this? Ugh. I love her shoes and pajamas but her meet clothes are quite ugly. Her story is bland and the box again is disgusting… what is AG thinking?


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