Doll Closets for Sale // Ad

Hello, friends!

Tori and Bella from agsparklesisters are selling two super cool-looking doll closets. They seem to be from either Journey Girls or Springfield. They’re pretty tricked out, with two drawers, a ribbon that you can tie around a doll’s waist, bars for hangers, latches to close it,  and a handle on top.

Both of the closets are being sold with eight American Girl hangers.

The closets are being sold for $15 (US) each. You can see all the pictures on Tori and Bella’s blog HERE. If you’re interested in buying one of closets or have questions, email the girls at

I don’t usually do ads, but Tori and Bella are blogging friends, so I thought I’d help them out. :)

I can do a post about how I store my dolls’ clothes, if you guys are interested? I could also use some tips on organization, but it is not a very neat system. XD




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