Review: Born Global Indian-Inspired Outfit

Hey, guys. I hope you’re having a good day.

Born Global sent me an outfit to review! It’s the Yellow Block Print Tunic/Indigo Pant outfit ($25) from their Parichay Collection.

Born Global is such a cool company. Their goal is to create products that inspire global learning. Currently, they only have one clothing line: the Parichay Collection, inspired by Indian fashion. The limited edition outfits are made for 18″ dolls, but they plan on including clothes for 14″ dolls (like Hearts4Hearts or WellieWishers) in later collections. There will be three collections released a year, with new clothing styles available in each one.

Each outfit includes a tunic, pants, and scarf (the shoes are from my collection).

First up, the tunic. It’s made of a light material that almost reaches the knees. The mustard yellow fabric has a plant-like pattern on it.

There are slits in the sides, as well as Born Global’s tag on the left.

All the edges are hemmed except for the sleeves, which are selvedge. That means the fabric is woven so it won’t unravel.

Instead of using velcro fasteners like most doll clothes, it has snaps. They keep the tunic in place just as well as velcro would, if not better, and they don’t snag on the fabric or doll’s hair, either.

The second part of the outfit is the pants.

They have a stretchy waistband, and the bow is just for decoration. It’s a cute touch.

The last piece is the scarf. It’s made of the same fabric as the pants.

It’s a bit longer than the doll and can be styled in many different ways.

Born Global’s outfits also come with a doll-sized book with a fabric cover.

It contains instructions for putting the outfit on a doll, history facts, lessons on Indian languages, and more.

It also includes different ways for your doll to wear the scarf.

The outfit is adorable and very well made. They bottoms could easily be used as sweatpants, and the tunic as a t-shirt or mini dress.

Born Global is a fantastic company with a message as wonderful as their products. The packing is made from recycled materials, they enable artisans to make extra income, and (the best part) 5% of each purchase is donated to the Kids in Need Foundation, which provides free school supplies to students who can’t afford any themselves.

And that concludes my review! If you want authentic and quality Indian-inspired outfits for your dolls, Born Global is the company for you. Read more about their mission here, or browse their store here.

Here’s a photoshoot of Parker in her new outfit, because the sky was pretty and I wanted to show off the clothes. :)



27 thoughts on “Review: Born Global Indian-Inspired Outfit

  1. Wonderful outfit and review. I love the little book instructing on how to wear the suit. I was just visiting their website and it sounds like a lovely company overall, not just the doll clothes portion.

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