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Today really made me realize how close Christmas is. I watched some of The Polar Express and had cocoa and candy canes at school, saw people wearing Santa hats, learned about Mexican holiday traditions, and took pictures of Avery in front of our tree. Now I’m listening to Elvis Christmas music while I write this.

Anyway, I’m doing a shout-out today. The goal is for people to discover new doll blogs. And if yours is on the list, hopefully you’ll get some new followers, too. :)

If you’d like to be added, leave a link to your site in the comments, but only if it’s a doll blog.

Sites added:

Samantha’s blog, AG Doll Awesome

Kaylyn’s blog, KAYLYN’S WORLD

Rose’s blog, A Doll-op of AG

Kiki’s blog, Kiki Through the Looking-Glass

Victoria’s blog, Reverie Dolls

Julia’s blog, Love My Dollies

Natalie’s blog, The American Girl Spot

Arabella’s blog, American Girl Days

ThePolkaDotPatriot’s blog, American Girl Here and There

Tori and Bella’s blog, agsparklesisters

blackiesunshine’s blog, Silver Sky Dolls

light4thelord’s blog, Dolls N’ All

Rose’s blog, The Dolls of Texas

AGs in Alaska’s blog, American Girls in Alaska

The AG Homeschooler’s blog, AG’s Wondrous World

Emma’s blog, Dazzling Dollies

Olive’s blog, Hidden Hollow AG Crafts

Gracie’s blog, Smile and Craft AG

justAG’s blog, Just AG

Xyra’s blog, Tea Time with Melody Q

Merry Christmas!




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