The AG Q&A Tag

Bella from Doll Habit nominated me for The AG Q&A tag. Thanks, dear.

(She actually tagged me a long time ago, but it looks fun, so I’m doing it anyway.)


– Create your own AG Q&A Tag button. If you don’t know how, you can skip this step.
– Thank and give a link to the blog of the person that nominated you.
– Nominate 3-5 other AG doll bloggers.
– Come up with at least five questions for the dolls that you nominate. You can include your questions on your post, or send them to your nominees.
– Do not ask any personal or inappropriate questions.
– Have your doll that was nominated answer the questions given.
– List these rules on your blog post.
– Notify the people/dolls that you nominate and send them a link to your post.


Bella wanted Ivy to answer the questions. Here we go. :)

Which of your sisters do you get along with best, and why?

I get along best with Savannah. We have similar senses of humor and are always pushing each other to do our best. Plus, she likes being in front of the camera and will model for me if I ask.

Do you have any pets?

I do not, and I’m ok with that. I like playing with animals and photographing them, but actually taking care of one? No thanks.

What’s your favorite food?

Lo mein noodles. Seriously, have you tried those? I like making loud slurping noises when I eat them because it gets on Caroline’s nerves.

What is your favorite holiday?

Halloween is the best, of course. Creepy decorations, free candy, horror movies, costumes, and did I mention the free candy?

Last year, I dressed up as a ceiling fan. Yes, I’m aware that I’m a genius.

What is your favorite season?

Summer. Not because of all the free time and sunshine, but because I get to watch the gymnasts kick butt in the Summer Olympics.

I tag:

Samantha’s doll Magnolia

Julia’s doll Forest

Natalie’s doll Adi

I’m not very original, so you can just answer the same questions I did.

By the way, I’ve got something fun planned for Christmas! Make sure to visit my blog on the 25th for the special. :)




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