Road to Resurrection | Easter AGPS

Happy Easter (and April Fool’s Day)!

Yesterday, my family volunteered for Road to Resurrection, an Easter event at our church. The building was decorated to look like the city of Jerusalem, and tour groups were led through to experience the Easter story in real life. Me, my mum, and another girl ran the first destination, which was supposed to be the Eastern Gate of the city. We dressed up in tunics and head coverings and talked about the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9, how Jesus was going to save the Jews from the Romans, and some nicknames for God. Then everyone waved around palm branches and shouted “hosanna” while we pretended Jesus was riding into the city.

It was fun, but really exhausting. The glass hallway we were set up in got incredibly hot, and my feet hurt by the end up the day. But they did buy us pizza, so. :)

I did my best to make Eve look like a Jewish girl and took some pictures of her in front of the gate.

I wish this one wasn’t so dark. :’)

The rest of the pictures were taken in the “market,” where all the visitors gathered before starting the tour. It was pretty amazing, because they had canvas pavilions, potters, basket weavers, spinners, and sacks of food set up.

I love the pretty scarf in the background!

To celebrate, my family is going out for lunch with grandparents #1, and then having dinner with grandparents #2. I’ll be picking up an AG doll at dinner, which I’m very excited for. :)

Have a good day!

Do you have any Easter traditions? Let me know in the comments.




34 thoughts on “Road to Resurrection | Easter AGPS

  1. HAPPY EASTER!!! Your photos are awesome. :D My church had a walk on Friday. They carried a cross. I didn’t attend, but it sounded cool. What did you do for Easter?


  2. dude, that sounds awesome. my church once did something like that for the Christmas story, it was soooo cool. but then it got rained out, and then we had a major staff change, and we’ve never done it again. :(
    enjoy your new doll! I TOTALLY won’t be trying to figure out how to read your mind and see who she is… *innocent smile*
    lovely photos, and happy Easter! :)
    Most crazily, ~Olive


    • oh, that sucks. :/ ours is indoors so we haven’t had to worry about bad weather.

      i will! i’ll hopefully post about her soon, so you won’t have to wait too long to find out.

      thanks! happy easter. :)

      xo loren


  3. Ooh, that’s way Loren! I have a question for you. I have 6 dolls. I am hoping to get a 7th for my birthday in August. I can’t decide which one I would rather get most, Emily or Maryellen. I know you have both, so would you mind recommending one of them?(By the way, I know that Emily is retired. They have some cheap Emilys in good condition on Ebay🙂)
    Thanks so much! Have a great day!


  4. Love this photo shoot. Eve looks fabulous. On small suggestion – she’d be more accurate as a Jewish girl from the time of Jesus’ resurrection; even a Jewish girl of today, if she weren’t wearing a cross. Again, your photos are stunning and her outfit beautiful.
    Happy belated Resurrection Day!


    • thanks! oh, i know. i just thought her outfit needed some accessories, so i picked that necklace because it was easter-related. if i was going to do the photo shoot again, i’d leave out the cross and style her headscarf in a different way.

      xo loren


  5. I love the outfit, but honestly it’s not very modern and Jewish girls look??? like??? normal??? girls??? (I kinda am one so I know???)
    Also, if you wanted her to wear a necklace, a Star of David or a Hamsa would’ve been better, especially since while Christians regard the cross as an inevitable part of human salvation, for Jews it remains a symbol of centuries of oppression.


    • i know that jewish people wear modern clothes, but this event is supposed to be set during the roman empire, so their “modern” clothes were tunics. none of the volunteers were allowed to wear their normal clothes, anyway.

      when i picked out her necklace, i was in a rush and just thinking about easter, not how the cross isn’t as symbolic to jews. if i were to redo this shoot, i would absolutely find some more accurate jewelry. still, i apologize for not thinking it through all the way.

      xo loren


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