Winter Blues | AGPS


It’s snowing again, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to post these photos (taken on the same day that I made Ivy’s Guide to Snow Days). We were supposed to get this huge snow storm a few days ago, but then nothing happened? It was a little disappointing because I wanted more snow days. Anyway, it’s not really snowing right now, just flurrying, but it reminded me to post these.

I feel like some of pictures are way too saturated. I’m not sure what happened. I didn’t edit them to be like that. I still like them, though.

Huh. I never know what to talk about at the end of photo shoots. I probably rant too much on my other blog, and then I don’t have anything new to say here.

Oh, here’s something: an update on my blogiversary giveaway. It’s coming along a little slowly, but I’m getting there. A bought ten new books a few days ago (including the entire Peculiar Children trilogy by Ransom Riggs) and I’ve been focusing on them rather then working on my giveaway. Sorry? Expect the giveaway around mid April.

Have a good day! :)




34 thoughts on “Winter Blues | AGPS

  1. Beautiful pictures Loren! How long have you had Ivy? She is such a pretty doll. :) Also, I was wondering if you were planning on finishing or maybe telling us what happened in serpents. :) If not that is totally okay!! :D

    -Laura <3 ;)


    • thanks, laura! i’ve had her since the summer of 2014, but she’s still in great condition.

      i hope to finish serpents someday; the thought of never wrapping it up makes me uncomfortable. i’m coming up with a different ending for it, since the original one is a bit weird, but i’ll start working on the series again as soon as i figure that out. :)

      xo loren

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  2. Great photos! Ivy looks great in that outfit and the snow. My favorite photos are the ones with the snowballs. We’ve had a lot of snow this spring too. It’s been strange, but it’s finally warming up!


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