April Showers | AGPS

I would’ve liked to post something else to break up all the photoshoots, but I needed this to go up in April for the title to make sense. They’re just photos of Nevaeh that I didn’t use in my outfit review post, but I liked them too much to never do anything with them.

I guess my blogiversary giveaway is getting pushed back another month, and I’m really sorry. It’s taking a lot longer to come together than I expected. Spoiler alert: I’m probably going to say this exact thing every month until eventually this giveaway becomes a celebration for my fifth blogiversary. I may be joking now, but honestly, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I know how much I procrastinate.

I was really looking forward to spring so I could take pictures of my dolls in front of all the flowers, but I actually haven’t done any shoots like that. Spring always seems to go by too quickly for me, and now I don’t really have any post ideas. Any suggestions would be super helpful. :)




17 thoughts on “April Showers | AGPS

  1. Great photos Loren! :D She is such a cute doll! A haul/review would be cool or maybe a diy? Spring does always seem to go faster than other seasons! Awesome post! :)

    -Laura <3 ;)


  2. Beautiful pictures! You could do a photo-shoot explaining how Spring always seems to go by so quickly, possibly compare it to autumn and how petals fall or something. Sounds depressing, but it could be pretty! XD


  3. Hey Loren! Swell post! When are you going to put up Samantha’s and Felicity’s profile pages?
    I can’t wait to see them!
    Ive always loved the “who wore it best” and photostories. Have a spectacular day!


  4. Awesome post! I have a question: which doll would you recommend the most: Maryellen or #55
    Have a cool day!


    • thanks! #55 is my favorite, i think she has a unique look. but i’ve done reviews on both of them, which you can find by clicking on “categories” in the sidebar and then going to “reviews.”

      xo loren


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