What is She Doing?! #12

Hey, guys!

We’re playing What is She Doing?! today. Basically, it’s the same thing as Caption It: I show you a picture, then it’s up to you to decided what that the dolls in the picture as saying.

Ellie is reading in the shade and MJ is working in the garden when a giant snake appears. What happens next is up to you!

If you don’t know how to play, here are the rules:

– Leave a comment with one or two captions for this photo
– On June 16, I’ll announce the winners (my favorite captions)
– There’s no prize, this is just for fun

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!



15 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #12

  1. M.J: Hey Ell-gaahh! ELLIE, RUN THERES A SNAKE!!!!!
    Ellie: Oh, hi M.J, what’s up?
    M.J: WHATS UP, ELLIE?! THERE IS A SNAKE FIVE FEET AWAY!!! Wait…why aren’t you screaming and running away?
    Ellie: Why, isn’t it obvious, dear sister? Snakey and I are besties now! 20 minutes ago, I was just as scared as you, but all you have to do is sit with it and read it a book.
    M.J: You have been with this animal for 20 minutes?
    Ellie: Yep.
    M.J: And you named it?
    Ellie: Totally.
    MJ: And it hasn’t killed you yet?
    Ellie: Are you crazy, M.J? Snake bites don’t kill you right away, silly! It takes a little while.
    M.J: Oh Ellie, please tell me it didn’t bite you. What am I going to tell Lauren?
    Ellie: No, it did not bite me. I’m gonna take it in for show and tell on Monday! Now, if you excuse us, Snakey and I are trying to read.
    M.J: Oh, well go about your buisness. I’ll just continue planting like this isn’t insane at all.
    Ellie: Thank you!
    Snakey: *sighs* humans.

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  3. Mj screams and throws her watering can at the snake. Ellie screams then stops looks closer at the “snake” it turns out to be a fake snake. Then they here Ivy behind a nearby tree and see that she is rolling on the ground laughing while saying. ” They really fell for it! ” XD

    That is what I think is going to happen. :) Thanks for doing this Loren, It is super fun! :D

    -Laura <3 ;)

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  4. Ellie: *is filming the snake* The snake slithers across the grass looking for prey, to eat and–
    Ellie: MJ, calm down…it’s not deadly. also please could you get out of the video, I am trying to film the snake…
    MJ: BUT IT’S A SNAKE…a snake…a-a s-snake…. *collapses on the ground*
    Ellie: *continues filming with her phone* Now, here is the sleeping sister…her main predators are snakes, but her food is well…Ice cream, pizza…
    *films for hours and then goes inside and edits her video and then goes to school the next day and shows her video*
    Ellie: This is my documentary on snakes and sisters.

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  5. E: MJ!!!!!! DO SOMETHING!
    MJ: Back away slow-OW!!*plays dead*
    E: Oh my gosh!!!!! shes dead!Nobody kills my sister!!!!!*throws paper* *paper floats to ground* oh no. AHHHHHH!!!!!!*RUNS*
    MJ:*snorts* oh Ellie… *backs up slowly*So gullible…*walks in house*
    E: MJ?! YOUR ALIVE???!?!!
    MJ: You should know better then to think i was dead.

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  6. Ellie flicked another page of her book aside and rested her head on the ground with a content sigh. “Ellie?” MJ’s voice rose a bit as she spoke, making it clear she was quite annoyed. “Are you going to help or not?” Ellie smirked. “Not.” she replied. MJ glared. “Come on, Ellie. Gardening’s fun. I think you’d enjoy it.” “Nope. I’d rather read.” “Really, Ell–OH MY GOSH!!!” MJ’s annoyed tone suddenly rose to a screech. “What?” Ellie seemed completely indifferent, gazing up at the clouds, her book placed neatly on her chest. “Look for yourself!” snapped MJ, her voice still coming out as a screech.
    Ellie sat up and scanned the grass, but suddenly stopped just as MJ had. “SNAKE!!” she screeched. “SOMEONE GET ME SOME SORT OF POINTY GARDENING TOOL–I DON’T CARE WHAT KIND, JUST GIVE ME ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” MJ dutifully passed her a sharp, pointed weeding hoe.
    “HIYA!” Ellie screamed a battle cry into the air as the snake slithered towards her. She moved swiftly, bringing the garden tool over her head and forcing it into the snake’s body. She soon found this movement impossible, however, as the snake’s head seemed to be made of a material with the texture and thickness of rubber. Then Ellie realized it–the snake was, in fact, rubber. “Surprise!” Eve jumped out in front of a potted plant she’d conveniently hid behind. “April Fools!” “It’s JUNE!” Ellie shot back angrily. “I know. Cake?” She conjured a piece of chocolate cake from behind her back. “Yes, please!” MJ and Ellie sprang forward to grab a slice of cake. Ellie stabbed a fork into the cake, and it deflated like a balloon.

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  7. I hope you like it! :)
    Ellie’s mouth hung open as she stared at the large snake in front of her. She was scared of snakes and that was no surprise to anyone. In fact, she would much rather be doing back handsprings with Molly. “Umm…” said Ellie loudly, getting nervous.
    “What is it?” said MJ, who was planting sunflowers in the garden.
    “There is an abnormally large reptile near me and my books!” said Ellie screaming.
    “Calm down,” said MJ, chuckling. “There is nothing funny about this!” said Ellie panting. Her face said it all about how terrified she was.
    “Actually, there is,” began MJ, “This is Norman,” she said picking him up. “He’s our class pet and I had to take him home this week.” Norman began slithering up MJ’s arm and Ellie shuddered. “He had to get some fresh air, so I let him out. Do you want to touch him?” MJ said holding Norman out to her.
    “No, thank you!” said Ellie quickly. She began to feel all squeamish and ran inside.
    “I guess not everybody loves snakes like you,” said MJ in a baby voice. “…which is a shame because you’re pretty cool,” MJ later said.
    Ellie stared out the window in horror. “I’m never going near MJ or that snake ever again,” said Ellie whispering to herself, “never again…”

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  8. Ellie: Finally! I can finish reading my book!

    MJ: Hey, Ellie! I’m gonna garden! I’ve been spending too much time indoors.

    Ellie: So much for alone time.

    MJ: *whistles while she picks up the seed packets* *looks up* AHHHH!!! SNAKE!!!

    Ellie: Ehh. Better than your whistling.

    MJ: *faints*

    Ellie: Finally, alone time! Thanks, Mr. Snake!

    Oh, I love these! 😀

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  9. ^All of these are HILARIOUS!!! 😂😂😂😂 They had me grinning like crazy.

    Ellie: Ooh, look, 5 new notifications! Let’s see what we have here…
    M.J: *sighs* Is that all y- AHHH!! ELIIE THERE’S A HUGE SNAKE!! RUUUUN!!!
    Ellie: *doesn’t look up* Suuure. You just want to get back at me for putting salt in your birthday cake.
    M.J: *running* NO I’M SERIOUS!!! RUN!!!
    Ellie: Haha. So funny… *still scrolling* ooh, nice photo…
    M.J: *throws seeds at the snake* FINE THEN I’LL DEFEND YOU!
    Ellie: Mmmhmm… oh, Lexi posted the next part of her vacation journal…
    Ellie: Great. *still scrolling* Ok fine, I’ll look up. *looks up* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THERE’S A SNAKE!!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!
    M.J: EXACTLY!!! NOW LET’S GO!!!!
    M.J: I TOLD YOU SO!!!
    *the girls run*
    Snake: Yay! Now I get to eat the seeds!!

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  10. M.J. turns to the snake,”Okay, I’ll make you a deal. If you scram, I’ll give you this, um, water.”
    Ellie, “AHHH! I don’t like snakes!!!!!!!!!! M.J. make it leave!”
    Snake drinks water, and stocks out his forked tongue at Ellie, nods his thanks to M.J. AND leaves.

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  11. Ellie: OMG A SNAKE!!!
    MJ: Aww, how adorable!
    MJ: I know! Isn’t it awesome? Let’s keep it. Do we have a random cage somewhere around here?
    Ellie: WE ARE NOT. KEEPING. A. SNAKE!!!!!
    MJ: Oh, fine. How are you going to get rid of it, then?
    Ellie: How should I know??? You’re the snake lover!!!
    MJ: Whatevs. I’m going inside. Have fun with the snake.
    Ellie: MMMMMJJJJJJJ!!!!!

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  12. Ellie: A SNAKE! *gets up*
    MJ: Oh, yeah.
    Ellie: Are you seriously just going to stand there? *glances over at the snake* It’s getting closer!
    MJ: *gasps* It is! RUN! *begins to run away very quickly, sprints past Ellie.*
    Ellie: *gasps because MJ ran so fast that her books fell*
    Mr. Skaleyskins: Ooh! Looks interesting, I’ll try to read this one!
    Ellie: Can you give me back my book, mister?
    Mr. Skaleyskins: *winks at Ellie and slithers away with her book*
    Ellie: *shrugs* Well, at least I didn’t get poisoned!
    MJ: *Runs out* You okay?
    Ellie: *nods* But you won’t be! The snake took my book!
    MJ: Uhh… *Runs*
    Ellie: *Chases MJ*

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    Ellie: *turns page* Why not?
    Ellie: You can’t prank me out of finding out what happens to Keefe.
    MJ: NO, NO IT’S NOT A PRANK. *slowly backs away* COME ON BEFORE IT EATS YOU. *slams back door*
    Ellie: *turns page* *slowly looks up* How’d you get out here? I bought a new lock for your tank…*picks up snake and puts it around her shoulders* Let’s go back inside. I just bought some new flash-frozen mice, you want one?

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