Felicity and Samantha’s Profiles

Felicity is my fourteenth doll. I bought her on eBay with leftover Christmas money.

Name: Felicity Merriman
Nickname: Lissie
Age: 14
Birthday: April 21
Date received: February 12, 2018
Doll: Historical Felicity Merriman
Hobbies: horseback riding, scouting, guitar, exploring
Personality: stubborn, rebellious, independent, restless, impulsive
Best friend: N/A
Dream job: animal rescuer
Pet(s): N/A
Favorite animal: horse
Favorite color: emerald green and wine purple

Out of all my dolls, Felicity is probably the most special to me. She’s the one who sparked my love for American Girl dolls. I saw her on the cover of my first AG catalog, and I knew I had to have her. Unfortunately, that catalog was announcing her retirement, so I never got a chance to buy her. For years afterwards, I would search for her on eBay every now and then, but I never had any luck, so I gave up.

I was obsessed with her book series. I read them all over and over again, even her mystery books, and bought her movie. I’d accepted that I would never have my own Felicity doll, but that didn’t mean I would stop loving her.

Then one day in February, I was browsing through eBay on a whim, and I found an amazingly cheap listing for a Historical Felicity doll. It was going to be taken down in a few hours, so without much thought, I bought her. Just like that. You wouldn’t believe how overjoyed I was. Sure, it’s just a doll — a toy — but I’d spent eight years hoping to get my hands on one, and I’d finally done it.

  I would never have fallen in love with American Girl dolls if it weren’t for Felicity Merriman, and my collection wouldn’t have been complete without her.

Samantha is my fifteenth doll. My grandma found her at a yardsale and bought her for me.

Name: Samantha Geneva Parkington
Nickname: Sam
Age: 15
Birthday: May 26
Date received: April 1, 2018
Doll: Pleasant Company Samantha Parkington
Hobbies: debating, gymnastics, reading, nature journaling
Personality: thoughtful, indecisive, sincere, strong-willed
Best friend: N/A
Dream job: park ranger
Pet(s): N/A
Favorite animal: luna moth
Favorite color: lavender

I’m still trying to come up with a middle name for Felicity. I sort of like Winona, but any suggestions would be appreciated. :)



11 thoughts on “Felicity and Samantha’s Profiles

  1. Also I love the name, Winona, but here are some suggestions for middle names also,
    Deborah (because there was a woman called Deborah Sampson who disguised herself as a man and fought in the war.)
    Anna (there was a woman called Anna Strong, who possibly was a spy who worked in the spy ring during the American Revolution.)
    Betsy or Ross (depending on what name you would like to use) (Betsy Ross is famous for making the first American flag.)
    Abigail (there was a woman called Abigail Adams, who was the wife of John Adams, she is sometimes considered to be a founder of the united states.)
    I hope you like my suggestions,

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  2. I love Felicity as well! I’ve dreamed of finding an AG doll at a yard sale, but it has yet to happen. Hopefully someday. Do you plan on buying any more dolls?


    • i know, you see all these posts online of people finding dolls at yardsales/thrift stores and then you never find them yourself. :/ idk, i’m pretty happy with my collection right now. the only doll i’d like to get right now is lanie.

      xo loren

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  3. Felicity and Samantha are gorgeous, one and the other.
    Thank you for these profiles.
    Like Quinley, I think that Abigail would be a nice second name, but I also find a style to which Vivien would make a nice name, like the actress of Gone with the wind, or… Scarlett.

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