My Thoughts on Blaire Wilson, GOTY 2019

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great one and aren’t too exhausted today. I did stay up late (nothing new there), but I wasn’t celebrating, just making peppermint bark with my mom. We ended up denting our rolling pin and wooden island from whacking the frozen chocolate to break it up . . . whoops?

Anyway, the New Year always brings a brand new Girl of the Year doll. I didn’t hunt for any leaked images or information this year, so Blaire Wilson was a complete surprise to me. Keep reading for my thoughts and opinions of 2019’s Girl of the Year!

Blaire Doll & Book

First impression: She’s honestly super cute! I love love love her dress; it gives off relaxed early summer vibes, and I wouldn’t mind wearing something like that myself.

Story-wise, I’m not too impressed. Blaire lives on a farm in New York where she helps her family run their inn and restaurant — and, get this, her hobby is cooking. That’s great and all, but Grace Thomas, GOTY 2015, was also all about food. This is just like having a dancer GOTY in 2014 (Isabelle) and then another one in 2017 (Gabriella). There are so many unique interests they could have picked for Blaire, and it just seems like a waste to make another chef so soon.

She’s diagnosed with lactose intolerance in the first book, and I am here for that! I also can’t eat dairy products without getting sick, and I’m glad that it’s being brought up. Maybe having lactose intolerance as a part of Blaire’s story will help readers with the same problem realize what’s going on. I didn’t know what was wrong with me until high school, when I read about dairy intolerance online, and I wish I had figured it out earlier.

Blaire’s Accessories

As far as accessory sets go, this isn’t anything too special, but I do think the color scheme is gorgeous. Apparently she uses the pink tablet to run her food blog, and I might have squealed when I read that. Lea had a travel blog, now Blaire has a food blog — it makes me think that American Girl has realized that a lot of their fans are bloggers and are trying to appeal to them. That makes me happy. :)

The Gardening Outfit is the CUTEST thing omg. I’d genuinely consider buying it. I love short overalls (I actually own a pair for myself), and I can see myself mixing and matching that with a bunch of clothes from my doll collection. Overalls might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I live in a fairly redneck area, so this set is definitely my thing.

I feel like the clothes in Blaire’s collection are a bit more grown up than previous GOTYs. Less neons and busy patterns, more pastels and simple designs. And I’m living for it, honestly. I don’t hate any of her pieces so far.

Garden Accessories

My dad and I are both gardeners, and neither of us ever wear aprons or gloves while digging through the dirt. So while this set is adorable, it doesn’t seem practical, and the different patterns and color schemes on the apron and gloves clash.

Blaire’s Garden

As someone who grew up weeding in our garden and gathering chicken eggs, this set makes my heart happy. The plants are surprisingly realistic, don’t you think? Not sure about that chicken, though. It looks like it’s in need of a haircut.

I wouldn’t have guessed that the piglet was a piglet??

I’m happy to see that American Girl is continuing to branch out and give their GOTYs more unconventional pets!

I really appreciate the muted colors in her collection and how put together everything is. I think these larger sets will appeal to the target audience by being fun to play with, but will also catch the eye of older fans thanks to the aesthetics.

Overall, I adore Blaire Wilson’s collection: the colors and clothing designs are beautiful. Not sure about her story yet, but I hope it’s better than the synopsis of her first book makes it sound! And while I don’t plan on purchasing Blaire herself, I’m hoping that a few of her outfits will find their way into my dolls’ closet sometime.

What’s your opinion on Blaire Wilson? Is there anything in her collection that you’d love to have?


P.S. A Doll-op of AG is hosting the Paisley Awards this year, and I’d love it if you’d vote for me! You can nominate your favorite doll blogs here.

41 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Blaire Wilson, GOTY 2019

  1. “I live in a fairly redneck area” HAHAHAHA that is so relatable. I swear my town is the trashiest of all white trash…while I love Blaire and that her collection is not like OMIGOSH I AM GOING TO SCREAM AT YOU WITH MY LOUD COLORS UNTIL YOU BUY ME, I feel like she’s a bit recycled, too. Oh well, she might grow on me.
    Have you heard the rumor that she has a new paler skin tone…? I’m sorta afraid to get her because she’d make all my other dolls look yellow >wu<
    Nice post and I'm so glad to see you're not dead lol


    • omg i know. i can’t walk down the road without seeing cows and corn fields and muddy pickup trucks.

      i agree! i like how her outfits are less flashy than, say, lea’s (that neon meet dress . . . wow).

      i hadn’t heard about that rumor, actually. that’s really interesting, i’ll have to read some reviews to see if it’s true.

      i’m also glad that i’m not dead and it’s nice to be posting again!

      xo loren

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  2. I am not really a fan of Blaire (I have found that other redhead dolls that catch my eye from other doll companies, such as Carpatina, and A Girl for All Time) I actually looked her up the moment she was released, and apparently she has a screen time issue, there were articles basically saying “Help us!” and stuff like that. I am not really interested in her collection that much (since she feels kind of like Grace and Saige mashed together) but the Party Decor is cool looking.

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh yeah, i read some articles complaining about the screen time thing. it’s an interesting idea, idk how well it’ll do though. and you’re right, there are some much more interesting looking redheaded dolls out there.

      xo loren

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  3. I love Blaire! I know a lot of people dislike her, but I still think she’s really cute! Thanks for following me, by the way! <3 :)


  4. Hi Loren! I love your blog!
    Blaire is a lot like th New WellieWishers… know, gardening, dresses, parties.
    But she’s really pretty!
    I used to have a AG blog, but now I just have a writing blog and five AG
    Love, ‘Nicolette’


  5. I think Blaire is pretty. However, I think she looks just like one of the Truly Me (I’m still tempted to call them MyAG dolls since that’s what I’ve known since I started loving AG) dolls. I also think there is an issue with how many white dolls they’ve had versus how many PoC dolls they’ve had as GoTY. I like that she has lactose intolerance. I don’t like that they are reusing ideas. I also think they have better outfits for her than the others. I like how her outfit with the blue dress has a choker, since that is a trend. I kind of wish she had an outfit with flannels, because that is also trendy and super comfy. I am still very in love with her hair, because I am a former redhead who doesn’t have red hair anymore naturally and would kill for hair like that. I also live in a redneck area, rural Kentucky. Also, that lamb is SO adorable.

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  6. I like Blaire, but I don’t like Blaire. 😂 She’s really cute, but she looks too much like Saige for me to buy her.

    Love that she’s a farmer! I think that’s new and interesting. Not a huge fan that she’s a baker, though.

    I’m considering buying the overalls as well. They’re adorable!! 😍


  7. *reads her post*
    *looks at the chicken*
    *squints* Thats not a chicken.
    Anyway, I think I want 3 things from her collection:
    Blaire herself, her accessories, and the farming outfit. LITERALLY THE FARMING OUTFIT IS SOOO CUTE!!!


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