About Loren


Hey, I’m Loren =) I’m the author of Happy House of AG, and a Christian homeschool girl. I really like using smiley faces when I write ( 🙂 ). I love writing, acting, taking pictures, Pinteresting, Percy Jackson, reading, my best friends, Grumpy Cat, mermaids and playing with my dolls. Here are some random facts about me . . .

  • I am obsessed with the Percy Jackson series
  • I was a model for Rosetta Stone (ha! Top that!)
  • I love writing and really want to be a novelist (but for some reason I never seem to make it past chapter three in my stories . . .)
  • I’m a Drama Queen
  • I love soccer. It may be a sport where players get injured often, but if you don’t get hurt you aren’t playing hard enough, I always say 😉
  • My favorites colors are aqua, lime green and black.
  • Reading is one of the greatest things ever.
  • I like presents. (Yay!)
  • I am weird (posting-bombed by the brother!! Aren’t sibling annoying?)

Hopefully you read all that in a strange, slightly British narrator accent.

51 thoughts on “About Loren

  1. Hey!!! I have a blog and was wondering if you could check it out. U r one of my favorite bloggers and your photos look so professional!!!!


  2. Hi Loren ( 🙂 ). I’m so glad I found your blog; it’s all kinds of awesome! We have a lot in common! I’m a Christian Homeschooler/ drama queen, and I can never finish any stories I begin! But I model for A&F kids! Top that 😉 . Anyhow, I just love your blog! Please keep up the great work!

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  3. Hey Loren! If you’re still interested in the ATC challenge this August you should sign up soon! Go to this page: http://horsemorsels.biz/atc-summer-challenge-2015/ to get all the information you need. And to make it easier for you to sign up email ourswapshop(at)outlook(dot)com. We’ll just need to know 4 simple things:

    1. Your first name

    2. Your age

    3. If you’re a boy or a girl

    4. Your parent’s email address. (If you’re 13 or older and would like us to correspond with you directly, you may send us your email address.)

    Hope you sign up! Also, you dont have to do all the 15 challenges if you can’t 🙂


  4. I am just like you! AND WHO CANNOT LOVE PERCY JACKSON?! When I play soccer at school, I always get hit in the head with the ball by this boy who’s always the goalie. EVERY WEEK!!! He actually hit a teacher in the head too, and she had to go to the hospital. By school was so bad… they didn’t even ban soccer!


  5. Alright, this is official. I love this blog. I enjoy making doll videos with my presious dollies. Being 10, I have a lot of time to play dolls.


  6. I am here!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! i am queen of emojis and i am taking over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!


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