About Loren


Hey, I’m Loren =) I’m the author of Happy House of AG, and a Christian homeschool girl. I really like using smiley faces when I write ( 🙂 ). I love writing, acting, taking pictures, Pinteresting, Percy Jackson, reading, my best friends, Grumpy Cat, mermaids and playing with my dolls. Here are some random facts about me . . .

  • I am obsessed with the Percy Jackson series
  • I was a model for Rosetta Stone (ha! Top that!)
  • I love writing and really want to be a novelist (but for some reason I never seem to make it past chapter three in my stories . . .)
  • I’m a Drama Queen
  • I love soccer. It may be a sport where players get injured often, but if you don’t get hurt you aren’t playing hard enough, I always say 😉
  • My favorites colors are aqua, lime green and black.
  • Reading is one of the greatest things ever.
  • I like presents. (Yay!)
  • I am weird (posting-bombed by the brother!! Aren’t sibling annoying?)

Hopefully you read all that in a strange, slightly British narrator accent.

51 thoughts on “About Loren

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