Winter Blues | AGPS


It’s snowing again, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to post these photos (taken on the same day that I made Ivy’s Guide to Snow Days). We were supposed to get this huge snow storm a few days ago, but then nothing happened? It was a little disappointing because I wanted more snow days. Anyway, it’s not really snowing right now, just flurrying, but it reminded me to post these.

I feel like some of pictures are way too saturated. I’m not sure what happened. I didn’t edit them to be like that. I still like them, though.

Huh. I never know what to talk about at the end of photo shoots. I probably rant too much on my other blog, and then I don’t have anything new to say here.

Oh, here’s something: an update on my blogiversary giveaway. It’s coming along a little slowly, but I’m getting there. A bought ten new books a few days ago (including the entire Peculiar Children trilogy by Ransom Riggs) and I’ve been focusing on them rather then working on my giveaway. Sorry? Expect the giveaway around mid April.

Have a good day! :)




Easter AG Haul

Hey, guys!

At the end of my last post, I mentioned that I was getting a new doll for Easter from one of my grandparents. I probably should have specified that it wasn’t a joke, since Easter was also April Fool’s Day. Anyway, we went to grandparents #2’s house for dinner, and I received my fifteenth American Girl doll!

By the way, I’m not trying to brag. I just like reading hauls and thought you guys might be interested.

The doll in question is a used Pleasant Company Samantha Parkington. My grandma found the doll, a bed, and a bag of clothes/accessories at a church sale for $25. Thank you, Grammy! <3

For such an old doll, her hair is in great condition. I was surprised by how curly it is.

I think she’s a pre-Mattel doll, because she has soft eyelashes, really long neck strings, no body tag, and not a lot of color in her face. But since I don’t have any other Samantha dolls to compare her to, I can’t be sure.

She didn’t have her entire meet outfit — just the dress and underwear.

Here’s the Pleasant Company stamp on her neck.

There’s a yellow stain on her dress, and the heart locket has fallen off the brooch.

I don’t particularly like the Pleasant Company dolls because they don’t have much color in their faces. So I used a washable marker to give her lips some color, and I think she looks much better.


The bed that came with her is Samantha’s Brass Bed, I believe. The previous owner added wooden boards to the bottom. :/

It did come with the pillow and mattress, which I think are adorable. I’ve never bought a doll bed from American Girl before, so this is exciting for me. All my dolls’ beds are either made out of the boxes, or something my dad built.

The bed came with a handmade floral quilt. It’s too long for the bed, but it works if you tuck the end under.

In the bag of clothes was Samantha’s Plaid Cape and Gaiters, and her Elegant Hat and Muff. It’s probably my favorite item that I got. I just really love capes.

Next is the Inline Gear outfit (missing one knee pad). I recently saw a picture of the t-shirt on AGIG and thought it was adorable, so I’m really happy to have it.

Plus, how cool are those rollerblades?

The crutches and cast from the Après-Ski Gear/Cast and Crutches Set were also in there.

“Tough break!” . . . That’s just cruel.

This thermos with the American Girl of Today logo is from the same set.

There were also some pieces from the Après-Ski Wear/Ski Lodge Outfit, like this oversized sweater that buttons at the neck.

These blue leggings are from that outfit, too. One of the socks came in the bag, but I think I left it at my grandma’s house.

Samantha was wearing Pleasant Company Molly’s glasses, for some reason. My Molly’s glasses are broken, so I’m happy to have another pair.

The Bitty Bear’s Birthday book from the Happy Birthday Set. I’m probably going to stick this on my dolls’ bookshelf and never touch it again.

I don’t think this lacy pair of underwear is from American Girl, but at this point, I’m too tired of searching American Girl Wikia to be sure.

These overalls are definitely not AG, because they’re much too big. It took some pinching to make it sit right on Samantha.

This wedding dress is probably Barbie, though I’m not sure. It’s got some stains on it, but once I wash it, it’ll probably fit my Ever After High dolls.

Finally, I now have two coat hangers and an extra shoe from Molly’s meet outfit.

There were also a bunch of baby clothes in the bag, but those are going to one of my cousins, because they might fit some of her dolls. I got all the good stuff, though. :)

I might end up sending Samantha to the Doll Hospital for a new head, just because I’m not a fan of how the older dolls look. I’m not sure yet, though, because replacing her head would make her value go down, as she wouldn’t be Pleasant Company anymore.

If anyone could help me identify where some of these clothes are from, that would be much appreciated.

What’s your favorite item from the haul? Mine are the cape and rollerblading outfits.



Road to Resurrection | Easter AGPS

Happy Easter (and April Fool’s Day)!

Yesterday, my family volunteered for Road to Resurrection, an Easter event at our church. The building was decorated to look like the city of Jerusalem, and tour groups were led through to experience the Easter story in real life. Me, my mum, and another girl ran the first destination, which was supposed to be the Eastern Gate of the city. We dressed up in tunics and head coverings and talked about the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9, how Jesus was going to save the Jews from the Romans, and some nicknames for God. Then everyone waved around palm branches and shouted “hosanna” while we pretended Jesus was riding into the city.

It was fun, but really exhausting. The glass hallway we were set up in got incredibly hot, and my feet hurt by the end up the day. But they did buy us pizza, so. :)

I did my best to make Eve look like a Jewish girl and took some pictures of her in front of the gate.

I wish this one wasn’t so dark. :’)

The rest of the pictures were taken in the “market,” where all the visitors gathered before starting the tour. It was pretty amazing, because they had canvas pavilions, potters, basket weavers, spinners, and sacks of food set up.

I love the pretty scarf in the background!

To celebrate, my family is going out for lunch with grandparents #1, and then having dinner with grandparents #2. I’ll be picking up an AG doll at dinner, which I’m very excited for. :)

Have a good day!

Do you have any Easter traditions? Let me know in the comments.



Four Year Blogiversary!

Image result for happy hogwarts birthday gifRelated image

I have a shameless love for Potter Puppet Pals.

We made it!

Today marks my fourth year of blogging. And to tell the truth, I didn’t think I was going to make it this far. I came so close to quitting last year. Really, the only reason I stuck with it is because there are thousands of dollar worth of doll stuff in the basement, and I would feel guilty if I never touched them again. Plus, this blog has been part of my life for so long that I would hardly be the same person without it. Without blogging, I would never have gotten into photography and writing, and I wouldn’t have made so many amazing internet friends.

I’m so glad that I’m still blogging, even if I don’t post as much as I used to. And thank you all for sticking with me and my erratic posting schedule!

If I keep talking about how much blogging and my internet friends mean to me, I’ll start crying, so here are some “fun” stats for you:

– 533 posts
193,318 words

Weirdest searches that led to my blog:

– medical bag for american girl dolls
– ag thing i had around my house
– happy house of ag what is she doing? (Ha, I wish I knew.)
– dolls poetry of dear diary
– upset doll image (Do my dolls look that sad to you?)
– for chritmas i got a home (Chritmas is my favorite holiday!)
– no american girl dolls in the house (This sounds like my mom when I asked for my first AG.)
– america gril doll blog (An easy mistake.)
– how get 2015 free ag doll package delivered to your house (If I knew, I wouldn’t have had to pay for my Grace doll.)
– josie falling asleep (You sound like a stalker.)
– when truly me dolls get there
– jappy house of ag (I know what I’m going to rename my blog!)
– national friendship day coloring page
– how to make an american girl sized sword (I’ve actually made a wooden sword for my dolls . . .)
– dolls with very large dolls
– moping around
– women long transparent pvc raincoat size petite
– marshmallow jane american girl (What does this mean??)
– drum roll for soccer games
– Also: “American Girl” spelled in various, increasingly wrong ways

Related image

How am I planning to celebrate my blogiversary?

With a giveaway! It’s not ready yet, and it will definitely never top any of Madi’s giveaways, but it’s still something. Multiple somethings, actually. I’m still figuring everything out, but I’ll definitely post it before the end of April. (Hopefully in early April, but really, who knows.)

So . . . I guess that’s it. I’m not very good at this kind of post. I hope you enjoyed it anyway, and thanks for four years of bizarre games, mediocre photoshoots, poorly planned/unfinished photostories, and countless lovely blogging memories. I’m looking forward to another year. :)

How long have you been reading my blog? Let me know in the comments!



Ivy’s Guide to Snow Days

This winter, we’ve gotten lots of snow days. And it snowed again yesterday, about 6-8 inches. School has been cancelled two days in a row and while I’m kind of bored, I’m glad that I have so much extra time to work on blog posts.

Anyway, Ivy is going to show you how to have the perfect snow day. Enjoy! :)

Step #1: Wake up and realize that something is different. The light coming in through the window is too bright and someone’s let you sleep through the start of school.

Step #2: Sit up so fast you get dizzy and peek through the blinds. It’s so white out there and the window is cold against your hand. It’s snowed overnight!

Step #3: Snap a low-quality photo with your phone and upload it to the internet, where your friends have already posted dozens of similar pictures. Don’t forget to put snowflake emojis in the caption.

Step #4: Scramble out of bed and dig your heavy winter clothes out of the closet. Acknowledge that your ensemble doesn’t match at all, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re warm.

Step #5: Make sure to grab your camera before heading outdoors. What’s the point of venturing into the wilderness without a way to document it?

Step #6: Bounce around in the fresh snow until your head starts to hurt from the light and you get snow in your boots. Run back inside to warm up.

Step #7: Decide that you should do a photoshoot with one of your dolls. Instead of going to get a doll yourself, yell for someone to bring one to you, using “I have snow on my shoes!” as an excuse. Keep hollering until one of your sleepy siblings gives you a doll just to shut you up.

Step #8: Shout some more because your sister, who hasn’t bothered to memorize your dolls’ names, has brought the wrong one. Order her to go get the correct doll.

Step #9: Repeat steps 7-8 until you’re holding the doll you asked for in the first place.

Step #10: Cautiously set up your $100 doll in the snow and photograph her until your fingers start to freeze. Discover that you like looking at snow more than being in it.

Step #11: When your doll inevitably topples over onto her face, scream and rush over to her while worrying that she’ll get silver eye.

Step #12: Take all your gear back inside. Once you’re sure that the doll is safe, shed your coat and make some hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

Step #13: Change back into your pajamas and spend the rest of the day ignoring your homework, editing the pictures you took, and staying warm in your bed.

What’s your favorite thing to do on snow days?



Review: OG Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit

I bought a cute new Our Generation outfit for my dolls recently. I’m kind of in love with it and had to do a review (full-length photoshoot coming soon!).

The set is OG’s Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit. It’s $18 and comes with four pieces: an umbrella, rain jacket, dress, and rain boots.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | dress

The periwinkle babydoll dress is a simple item that cuts off just above the knees. I like how basic it is because it works as a plain sundress, or you can add accessories for a fancier look.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | dress

There’s a lace overlay on the bodice, and the dress velcros in the back.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | raincoat

Next up: the raincoat. It’s made of clear vinyl with a coral pink pattern that looks like flower petals to me. I like the pink and blue together, it’s young and vernal.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | raincoat

The jacket closes in the front with two plastic snaps.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | raincoat

Unfortunately, there are no pockets, but the coat does have a hood.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | raincoat

I found it kind of difficult to pull the hood over my doll’s hair. I had to unbutton the jacket and push all her hair over her shoulders, and even then, the hood was a bit tight.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | raincoat

While I did get the hood to fit, I think it would work better on dolls with shorter hair, so you don’t have to try and stuff some of it down the back of the jacket.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | rain boots

I have mixed feelings about the rain boots. They’re made of pale mint green rubber and are quite cute, but I had some problems with them.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | rain boots

They’re too small for American Girls. To get the boots to fit my dolls, I had to cut slits down the backs. Plus, the minty color doesn’t really match anything in the outfit.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | umbrella

Finally, the best part of the outfit: the umbrella!

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | umbrella

Here’s the inside of the umbrella. The opening/closing device (idk what it’s actually called) functions just like a real one.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit | umbrella

To help the doll hold the umbrella, there are elastic straps on the handle.

Our Generation Brighten Up a Rainy Day Outfit

When the umbrella is closed, a thin piece of fabric can be wrapped around it and velcroed in place to keep it shut.

I was disappointed that the shoes don’t fit American Girl dolls, and I think there are too many shades of blue, but I do love this outfit. It’s adorable, perfect for spring, and I’m a bit obsessed with the tiny umbrella.

I hope you enjoyed the review! Have a good day, friends. :)