Dear True Love | AGPS

 Dear true love,
I’m a farewell that came all too soon.
I’m a hand-me-down that dreams of being new
When I’m without you.

Dear True Love // Sleeping at Last

I found some fake flowers in the attic and thought they’d be perfect for a Valentine’s Day shoot. Parker’s eyes are too dark in some of the pictures and it makes her look almost demonic. Hope you enjoyed them anyway.

I never really do anything for Valentine’s Day. Last year I got roses from my friend, and a few days ago my mom gave me an orchid, but that’s about the extent of the festivities. As dumb as it might sound, I miss celebrating with my co-op class. We would print out memes and use them as cards and share candy and no one took it too seriously.

Update on the new doll: she arrived on Monday and I absolutely love her. But I’m going on a youth retreat this weekend, so unless I can photograph her and schedule a post before I leave, she won’t be revealed until next week. Sorry, I’m not pushing it off on purpose, stuff just keeps coming up.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Tell your friends you love them. ♥




If BeForever Characters Were Girls Today


Hello, I hope you’re having a good day! :)

I was wondering what the BeForever characters would be like if they were teens in 2018, so I created collages for all of them based on their hobbies. All of the currently available BeForever dolls are on here, except for Nanea Mitchell. I haven’t read her books and the personality section on her American Girl Wiki page is blank, so I thought it would be best to leave her off.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at these! They took several days to create, but I think it was worth it.

Julie Albright

– Activist (especially passionate about environmentalism and feminism).

– Has a zodiac Instagram account.

– The star of her school’s basketball team.

– Super positive and always trying to cheer her friends up.

– Loves to thrift shop because it’s recycling and good for the earth.

– Sells her crafts on Etsy.

Rebecca Rubin

– Musical theatre nerd!! She’s in all her school’s performances and probably loves Hamilton.

– She’s very proud of being Jewish.

– Runs a small business, selling things she’s crocheted or bought at yard sales and revamped.

– Owns several pet birds

– Does really extravagant makeup that looks great on her.

– Cher from Clueless is her role model.

Kit Kittredge

– Let’s be real, she would totally be a blogger. She would probably post interviews and political opinions.

– Restless and wants to explore.

– Always trying to help out and make the world a better place.

– Absolutely obsessed with Newsies the musical.

– Plays on her school’s softball team.

– Photojournalist and part of the yearbook committee.

Addy Walker

– On her school’s swim team.

– Very loyal to her family and is excited to start her own.

– Questions the status quo and social norms.

– Into activism, especially animal rights and racial equality.

– Wants to be a teacher so she can help children reach their full potential.

Melody Ellison

– Christian, and she shares her faith through her music.

– Listens to music 24/7. She likes lots of different genres.

– Plays in her school’s marching band.

– Attends lots of peaceful protests.

– Helps at her grandfather’s flower shop.

Felicity Merriman

– Doesn’t respect authority very much and gets in trouble because of it.

– Works at a stable in exchange for free riding lessons.

– Hypes up every girl she meets.

– Volunteers at an animal shelter.

– Wants to join the army.

Kaya’aton’my (She Who Arranges Rocks)

– Works as a counselor at a summer camp.

– She’s proud to be Native American and goes to powwows with her family.

– Plant mom!! Her room is filled with succulents and potted flowers.

– Enjoys camping and getting in touch with nature.

– Writes short stories inspired by Nez Perce lore.

Josefina Montoya

– Loves traveling and experiencing other cultures.

– Keeps a nature/art journal.

– Always tries to be optimistic and help others look on the bright side, too.

– Plays piano and writes her own songs.

– Likes growing plants, especially ones with healing properties and mini cacti.

Samantha Parkington

– She takes gymnastic lessons because she tumbled in the yard and swung on trees so much as a kid.

– Huge feminist and has no problem calling people out on their sexism.

– Likes to paint, especially flowers and landscapes.

– Reads fantasy books to escape from her life.

– On her school’s debate team.

Maryellen Larkin

– Part of the Girl Scouts.

– Plays roller derby.

– Has an almost childish style that she pulls off well.

– Has a small science lab in her garage.

– Reads and draws comics.

Which character are you most similar to? I’m a mix of Samantha, Kaya, and Melody, with a bit of Rebecca thrown in (I love theatre and Cher Horowitz).

Before I go, here’s an update on the new doll situation: she’s now supposed to arrive sometime tonight or on Saturday. So you guys will have to wait a little longer to find out who she is. Sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Guess My New Doll | Hints (2)

(Inspired by Natalie)

Hello, friends! I’ve got some more hints about my new doll for you today. :)

Hint #3: she’s been retired.

Hint #4: she likes adventure.

Also, some of you said it can’t be Lea, since I already have her (mine is named Eve). But if she fits the clues, I wouldn’t rule her out just because of that. I could always be making a custom. And I’m not confirming anything, I’m just saying you should have an open mind. ;)

She’s supposed to arrive on Thursday and I can’t wait. I haven’t bought a new doll in just over a year (Parker was purchased in January, 2017), and it seems I’ve forgotten how exciting it can be. With school, scouts, and gymnastics going on, it might be difficult for me to squeeze in time to photograph her for an introductory post, but I’ll do that as soon as I get a chance.

Do these new hints change your mind about which doll I got? You can update your guess in the comments, or stick by your old choice.



Guess My New Doll | Hints

(Inspired by Natalie)

Well, friends, I did it again. There is another American Girl doll for me in the mail.

She’s going to be my fourteenth AG doll — oops? I really don’t need anymore, and I wasn’t planning on buying one anytime soon, but I have money leftover from Christmas and poor impulse control.

The doll isn’t due to arrive until the 8th, so in the meantime, I thought I’d post a few hints as to which one she could be.

Hint #1: she has a film.

Hint #2: she loves animals.

I’ll hopefully post more clues before she gets here, so you guys can have a better chance of picking the right doll. :)

Who do you think she is? Leave your guesses in the comments! (Except for Sam and Rutvi, you two aren’t allowed to guess.) Anyone who gets the right answer will get a shout-out.



Behind the Scenes: The BFF Tag

behind the scene-1

Hey, guys!

I love reading behind the scenes posts, because it’s fascinating to see how other bloggers put together their content. How long it takes to write/photograph, the order they do things in, bits of their process that are unique, etc. are all really interesting to me. So I thought I’d share how I made one of my recent posts, The BFF Tag With Saige & Isabelle.

First of all, the idea itself came from those best friend Q&As you see on YouTube. I searched “BFF tag questions” and ended up on YouTube Society, which is where I got all the questions from. I copied and pasted them into WordPress and wrote my story around them. I usually create my photostories the other way — pictures, then writing — but I did it differently that time for some reason.

Next, I set up the scene in the kitchen, where there’s great natural lighting. I wanted the setting to look like the rooms you see on Pinterest: clean and modern, lots of lights and plants.

The background is just a poster board with Christmas lights taped on it. I use it as the backdrop in lots of posts, because it’s easy to change up the way it looks by draping fabric across it, putting up a poster or decorations, etc.

I see photos of cute polaroids strings all over the internet, so of course I had to include some. :) I posted a DIY for them here.

I got this mini chalkboard for Christmas one year (I think it’s from Michaels). The other side is a dry erase board. I thought the plants were a cute touch; the one on the right is my mum’s orchid, and the one in the back is mine (it’s name is Barakat, learn more about it here).

For the first picture in the photostory, I wanted my dolls’ camera in the frame. But the only tripod I have is ridiculously short (and broken . . . I stepped on it once after my first AGSM endeavor). So I stacked some Tupperware containers and balanced the tripod on top of them so it was the right height.

I balanced my camera on the edge of a chair so I wouldn’t have to put it down while setting up my next shot. Also, I put a pillow in front of the chair so that if the camera fell, it wouldn’t break.

What they’re wearing:

Saige: Molly McIntire’s meet outfit sweater, shorts from the retired AG Skateboard Set, socks from Our Generation, and earrings from the AG Fresh and Fun Earring Set.

Isabelle: sweater and leggings from the retired Frosty Fair Isle Set.


I hope you guys enjoyed getting a quick peek behind the curtain and learning about my blogging process! Would you like to see more (hopefully longer) behind the scenes posts in the future?



The Blue Sky Tag

Hey, guys! Kiki nominated me for The Blue Sky Tag. Thanks, pal. :)


1) Thank the person who nominated you

2) Answer the 11 questions

3) Tag 11 new people

4) Give them 11 more questions to answer


Who was the first doll that you got (doesn’t have to be AG)?

That would be Violet, a Madame Alexander doll. She’s pretty poor quality, and most of her hair has fallen out, so I pretend that she has cancer and is getting chemo.

I bought Violet because my mom didn’t want me to spend so much money on an American Girl doll. She saw the Madame Alexander dolls at Costco and encouraged me to get one of them instead. Once she saw how easily Violet fell apart, she helped me get my first AG, Tracy (#39).

What’s your favorite American Girl doll?

Felicity Merriman will always be my favorite. I’ve been searching for the Historical version of her on eBay for years with no luck.

If you could design anything for American Girl, what would it be?

I’d love to create a Girl of the Year. I don’t know what she would look like or be interested in, but it sounds like fun. :)

How did you learn about American Girl?

My aunt and uncle gave me the Kaya and (most of) the Felicity series as gifts. I found out about the dolls from promotional cards stuck in the books, and things went on from there. And that’s the story of how I’ve spent $2000+ and seven years of my life on these dolls. Thanks, family.

From Bodyguard photoshoot.

What’s your favorite AG pet?

Saige’s dog Rembrandt, probably because I would love to have a border collie.

What’s your favorite item AG sells?

Currently, I like Z’s Filming Accessories, Gold Glitter Boots, and Logan’s Performance Outfit (my dolls need a leather jacket).

 What 18 inch doll brand do you like to buy from?  

The only ones I’ve bought from are American Girl, Madame Alexander, and Our Generation. AG is the best quality, so definitely that one.

Who’s your favorite AGTuber?  

I don’t actually watch any AGTubers, although I used to watch basilmentos, rockstar13studios, Agpals, and one with “waffles” in the name that I can’t seem to find. But my favorite was always Chickenbuddies, specifically her video How To Do Math (with Jaymie). My brother and I still quote it to this day.

Who’s your favorite BeForever character?

Definitely Kaya. I’ve wanted her for years, she’s gorgeous, and her story is one of my favorites. But Josefina and Rebecca are runner-ups because of how pretty they are.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dolls?

Photograph them. They’re good models because they never make faces while I’m trying to take their picture, unlike my friends. I also love blogging about them, of course.

What’s your favorite kind of doll-related post?

To make: photostories. Short stories are a good way to practice writing. And to read: anything from AG Doll Awesome. Sam could keyboard smash and I would still think it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever read. #ilysam


Tori and Bella @ agsparklesisters

Olive @ Hidden Hollow AG Crafts

Daisy @ Caught Playing

Honestly, I can’t think of eight more doll blogs that haven’t already done this. So I tag those three, plus anyone who asks to do it in the comments. You guys can just answer the same questions that I did.

Have a good day! :)