The Your Blog Makes Me Happy Award

Beachy Blogger Award


AGRiffic Award

The Victory Award

The Daisy Chain Award

The Liebster Award

The LG Award

The Sunshine Award


The Hand in Hand Blogger Award

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


(2) and (3)

(4) and (5)

Displaying Doll Mag Blogger Award.png

I won the “Best Posts From a Doll’s Perspective” category.

World Doll Day Tag picture

World Doll Day Tag

download (12)

Infinity Dreams Award

The 2015 Bloggy Awards

Happy House of AG won the Best Blog Photostories award, the Miss Click, Click: Best Blog Photoshoots award, and the Best Overall Blog award!

The 2015 Bloggy Awards

Caroline won the Miss “I Care” award in the 2015 Bloggy Awards!

The 2015 Bloggy Awards

Ivy won the Best Female Actress award in the 2015 Bloggy Awards!

I won the award for Kindest AG Blogger!

I won an award in Best of 2015!

10 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Hi, sorry I keep commenting so much 😳 but I thought you might want to know that the pic for the Doll Mag Blogger Award isn’t showing up. There’s just a little box that says “Displaying Doll Mag Blogger Award.” -Ms. AGdoll

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